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A Cup or a Glass?

I don’t drink many carb filled liquids (unless I’m low), but sometimes a tall glass of milk really hits the spot.

Marked Measuring GlassBut I often don’t give much thought to whether I’m drinking a cup of milk, or a glass of milk.

There’s an almost automatic association of 12g cho when I drink milk… maybe it’s a holdover from the old days of exchanges.

If I only poured 8 ounces of milk into my glass that would be just fine. 8 ounces is 12 grams of carbs. But I can see from this picture that I’m often pouring at least 12 ounces, maybe more!

Do I need to do the math on what an extra 4 ounces of milk does to my carb count (it’s an extra 6 grams)? And that’s if I stop pouring at that 12 ounce mark, which I don’t think I normally do.

Looking at this etched glass and thinking about my milk drinking, it gives me one of those “wait…what?!” mind-blowing moments where I realize I’m consuming way more carbs than I thought (see also: Measuring Handfuls).

Calibrating eyeballs

Measuring my food has always made me a bit angry. There is something unnatural about it and it gets under my skin at a very deep emotional level. Unresolved issues? Yeah, you bet. I have diabetes…

One strategy that makes sense to me is using measuring tools periodically to help remember what a serving size looks like.

So it’s not using measuring tools all the time (and triggering my unresolved emotional issues every time I eat), but rather using measuring tools a few days each month to make sure my “serving size creep,” or the tendency to inflate how much I’m dishing up and eating, isn’t getting out of control.

For example, every time I pour a glass of anything, I’ll be thinking about this marked measuring glass.

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