Revolutionizing Diabetes Education with mySugr Academy

Education is a huge part of living with diabetes. Unfortunately, many people with type 2 diabetes are diagnosed then leave the office with little or no education.

If they are lucky, they’ll get back to their doctor’s office for a session with an educator a couple of weeks or a month later.

But what happens in-between? Imagine the questions!

What can I eat? How do I use this blood sugar meter? What do these numbers even mean? It’s paralyzing.

So my clever friends at mySugr have come up with a solution.

Introducing mySugr Academy.

The first course (10 levels with animated videos, articles, tips, challenges, and more) is geared towards type 2 diabetes. We have type 1 stuff on the roadmap, too.

We hope this online diabetes education tool helps fill the gap between diagnosis and initial education, and maybe even proves to be a powerful supplement to traditional diabetes education.

I’d love to know what you think! I’d also love to know more about your diagnosis/education experience. Please leave a comment, or send me a private message if you prefer.

Thank you!

Happy World Diabetes Day!

mySugr World Diabetes Day image

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2 thoughts on “Revolutionizing Diabetes Education with mySugr Academy

  1. When they thought I had type 2 diabetes, I didn’t get any education at all. I was given a meter but we didn’t even practice using it in the office. I was not told how often to check my BG or what to do with the result. This program can fill in some very important gaps!

  2. I actually just wrote a post about this same thing. I was originally diagnosed at type 2 before being rediagnosed as type 1 18 months later. My experience exactly like you say. “Take this pill. Cut out the carbs. See you in a few weeks.” My doctor actually told me for the first two weeks I didn’t need a meter yet, just adjust my diet. My dad was diagnosed type 2 this past year and unfortunately his doctor has been much the same. It is so frustrating to be able to tell someone with diabetes things about their care that the person they pay to keep them well doesn’t touch on in the least.