Diabetes Dominator – Daniele Hargenrader

Dominating Diabetes with Daniele

Earlier this year I chatted with Diabetes Dominator Daniele Hargenrader. We talked for about thirty minutes and had a really great conversation on being diagnosed with diabetes, struggling, succeeding, and each of us finding the best way for ourselves.

But that’s not the interesting part…

But what I really love about meeting Daniele is her story of making a terrifying decision and jumping in with both feet.

What do I mean?

Daniele was not happy with herself and made a decision to change.

To get in shape and change her body, she decided to become a personal trainer.

What do you think of when you read the words “personal trainer?” You think of those super fit people at the gym pushing others to their limits, right? Me too.

Imagine an out of shape and overweight young lady (Daniele) enrolling in a program that put her in the company of a classful of those people. Actually, it didn’t just put her in the company of those people, it put her

Actually, it didn’t just put her in the company of those people, it put her right in the mix with them.

Sure, they had classroom coursework to do, but then it was out to the gym to do pushups and stuff together. That’s absolutely terrifying to me.

I admire Daniele so much for diving into this commitment and facing such intimidating circumstances.

Daniele on DSMA Live

We had a chance to chat with Daniele on DSMA Live in March, which is a great listen if you’d like to dig deeper into Daniele’s story.

Check out Daniele’s blog

Daniele has a lot of great stories and interviews available on her blog (diabetesdominator.com) and I’d love for you to go check it out. You’ll not only get to enjoy more of Daniele, but you’ll also get to meet some other really great people doing great work in the diabetes space.

Thanks for being awesome, Daniele!

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