Do you know about Glu?  If you have type 1 diabetes, you’ll want to keep these guys on your radar…

  • Minnesota Nice and Cold

    Oh for mercy sake – I thought it was a product that you squirt in your mouth to treat hypos….

  • yello_beaver

    I am a type 1 diabetic and I’ve had diabetes for 15 years. In my frustration of finding the most convenient way to treat hypoglycemia episodes,( whether am driving or sleeping) I designed a water bottle that can also hold beverage powder, which with a simple press and twist, will mix the powder drink w/ the water and turn it into juice. The water bottle also has a compartment for pills / meds and other small items. If you find this idea useful, and hope to see this item in the market, please send in your votes for the product at If you have inputs or feedbacks on how to make the product better, your comments are very much welcome :)

  • Brendon Livingstone

    Hi Scott

    How do you sign up? I went to their site, but looks to be a closed beta site.


    • Scott K. Johnson

      Hi Brendon – from what I hear it is going to open up on February 14th.

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