It’s just weird…

On January 6, 2014 By

We accept it because it is part of the world we’ve been thrown into.

Some of us, myself included, are even thankful. Being able to measure it instead of how things used to be is a huge improvement.

But there is nothing not weird about cutting ourselves over and over again to bleed on things.


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The Protection Genes?

On January 3, 2014 By

I had my diabetic eye exam yesterday.

Nearly 34 years of type 1 diabetes and the doctor said he couldn’t see any sign of diabetes. Not a thing. Whew… I’d been given news of another year (actually two years since my last visit) without a complication from diabetes.

I felt relieved, but [...]

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It has been over six years since I first joined TuDiabetes.

To this day they are still one of the very first resources I mention when people are looking for information about a specific subject, product, problem, or just aren’t quite sure where to start with this whole online diabetes thing.

Why? [...]

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Incongruous Images

On December 3, 2013 By

Pretty soon I depart for Vienna, Austria to hang out with the mySugr crew for a couple weeks.

I’m very excited – I’ve never been to Europe, and Vienna sounds like an incredible site to see. I’m also looking forward to meeting the incredible people at Continue Reading

I had two thoughts when I received the invite to run an 8k race and speak at the Insulindependence Philadelphia Weekend:

Cool! Holy crap! 8k? I better start training!

8k is just about 5 miles. Well outside of my comfort zone, but not so far outside that it felt unachievable. [...]

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Diabetes Won’t Stop Me

On November 14, 2013 By

I’m a big fan of the folks at Jerry the Bear, and my love and support for Kim and her work is almost as true and strong as my love for Diet Coke. When they came up with [...]

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Were you interested in the 14th North American Conference in Diabetes and Exercise that took place in August but couldn’t afford the hundreds of dollars for travel, lodging, registration, and accompanying expenses? I totally feel you, and so do the incredibly generous Corporate Members of Continue Reading

I Wear Medical ID

On November 4, 2013 By

I wear medical ID.

It’s something I feel strongly about, and worry over when I don’t have on.

Most of the time I wear a bracelet and necklace, and also have stickers on my car. You might say I’m a bit paranoid about it. I would say Continue Reading

It’s my honor (or “honour” as they might say up north… is that a bad Canadian joke?) to present a guest post by Jen Hansen  from Connected in Motion!

What is the special occasion? Slipstream is coming to the United States, October 25-27, 2013! [...]

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1 Mile for Diabetes

On October 9, 2013 By

While in San Diego for the Insulindependence event I met Doug Masiuk (@1RunAmerica) in person. I had heard of him, something about a crazy guy with type 1 diabetes who ran across the United States last year.  He [...]

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