I don’t care what it is you are doing, but if you have to stop to deal with a low blood sugar, you have been interrupted.

Even if I’m happily doing nothing, and get interrupted, it bothers me. What was I doing? Nothing!! But it still bothers me.

Worse though, is when I am [...]

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The stubborn low.

For whatever reason (insulin on board, delayed digestion, etc.) you treat a low that just keeps going lower.

You know how you feel when you’re low, and you treat it, then wait a bit.

But waitasecond – I still feel low… you test, and you’re LOWER than before you treated!!!! You have [...]

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After it’s done, and I’ve either completely blown it out of the water with a panic driven overeating session, or I’ve been able to stand my ground and treat with only as much carbs needed to get back to target, I feel downright tired. I mean, literally run over. Like, Mack Truck style.

The adrenaline [...]

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“Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a compulsive overtreater”

This is where you say “Hi Scott, welcome”…

This topic has been darn near beat to death over the course of my lifetime, but I still have trouble with it.

See, our bodies have these intricate systems that drive us, instinctual urges for survival that [...]

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No, I’m not the lucky one with this – but I wish I was!

Take a look at for Matt’s blog on using the Dexcom STS continuous sensor.

Very interesting and very informative.

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What to do for lunch?

On April 13, 2006 By

So here’s the scenario.

You’ve had a decent breakfast, and a somewhat healthy mid-morning snack. But, you have failed (again) to plan for lunch.

What do you do?

There are all the “regular” fast food places within reach, as well as some sit-down types of places. You are also 3 minutes away from a Cub [...]

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Being charged with managing diabetes is a double edged sword.

On one hand it’s very fortunate that we are able to take measures into our own hands rather than being completely at the mercy of a doctor or clinic.

But on the other hand, that’s a lot of responsibility to deal with. And what if [...]

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I wanted to let everyone know what the actual prizes were for our contest winners.

Our lucky winners were Caro from Diabetes Wise, and Kerri from Six Until Me.

Getting a prize to Caro was interesting, because she’s overseas. I really wanted to get her [...]

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Ahhh, the snow has melted, the temperatures are creeping up, we’ve had some rainstorms, I heard someone mowing their lawn already. Yes, spring is here.

You’ll never guess what I found near the side door of my house the other day. See if you can pick it out of this picture:

What? [...]

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I tried another new thing at lunch today!

When I get the thought in my head to try a new food, it’s always a pretty risky maneuver. I mean, what if I buy this thing, and don’t like it, and then am hungry for the rest of the afternoon?

That would be Bad. Not only [...]

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