The Simple Act of Logging

On February 24, 2006 By

I have been logging pretty consistently lately. I’m using the “Smart Charts” or “My Other CheckBook”. The upper portion of the page is a line graph, where you can plot your BG’s for each hour, and there are spots for basal rate (or lantus dose), carb bolus and correction bolus.

The bottom half of the [...]

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Special Delivery!

On February 23, 2006 By

I got my delivery of Girl Scout Cookies today!!

And for the record, one sleeve of Thin Mints is 90 grams of carbs and 700 calories.

I’ve been trying to give them away all day, but I must admit that a fair number have found their way into my mouth…

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Another thing that the therapist and I talked about was looking at the payoffs rather than the deprivation that is commonly associated with changing habits.

For example, take my good nights rest vs. PDA action plan.

What are the payoffs of getting a good nights rest:
1) Not feeling tired through the day (unless my [...]

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To Be Proud Of

On February 22, 2006 By

You would all be proud of me.

I tried something new for breakfast the other day.

I had a serving of scrambled “Egg Beaters” (basically egg whites), with one slice of american cheese (the heavily processed variety), in a whole wheat pita bread. Total carbs? About 13 grams.

How was it? It was just Ok [...]

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Putting It Into Practice – hereby known as PIIP. This, and all future PIIP posts will be known as “Part ‘n’”, because I don’t want to keep track of which number I left off on… Lazy? Maybe. But I like to think of it as “efficient”.

I had a great appointment with my therapist [...]

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Here’s to Keith over at dead islets. He has just published a post titled “100 Days”. The title of his post is no doubt respectfully borrowed from our mutual friend and O.C. blogger Johnboy of Infusion of thought, when he posted about his hitting a major and very inspiring [...]

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To the 5? To the 10? Exact?

On February 19, 2006 By

How exact do you get when entering carbs into your calculations?

Looking back on the last few weeks of my pump history, all of my carb values have been rounded numbers, either on the 10 mark, or the 5 mark.

I think this is due to a couple of different things.

1) Carry over from [...]

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Our very own Amy Tenderich of recently crafted an absolutely excellent article on her column over at The article is titled:

Leadership 101a: Managing Your Care Team

This article goes into whether you appointments with your care team leave you feeling that it was helpful, [...]

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I have an older Accu-Chek Compact meter that I use at work. This meter uses a “drum” of 17 test strips. There are a few reasons that I don’t really like it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s a good meter to have at work, and I have a TON of strips for it, [...]

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I Hate Set Change Days…

On February 16, 2006 By

I am very regular about changing my infusion sets. Every three days, usually in the morning – unless some emergency dictates otherwise.

I believe that it is important for me to not leave my infusion set in too long. I feel that it creates more scar tissue when it’s left in too long. While I’ve [...]

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