Last post in this series: mySentry Trial: Starting Up

I wore the pump for about a week before starting on a sensor.  That time was used to become familiar with the basics of delivering insulin with a pump that was brand new to me.  My sensor training went great, [...]

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11/1/12 - We are doing an impressive job - at Diabetes Monitor
10/29/12 - After Thoughts: Hope Warshaw - at DSMA Live
10/29/12 - Diabetes, Road Runners, and Wile E. Coyote - at Diabetes Care Club
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I recently had an opportunity to try the Medtronic mySentry product for a few months.

Because I wasn’t using one of their pumps, this trial meant I had the opportunity to experience the whole suite of their products.  A paradigm pump, their CGM transmitter and sensors, the One Touch UltraLink meter, the [...]

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Today’s post is intended to help Bennet spread the word about a survey on MyGlu.  I am a supporter of what the T1D Exchange (of which Glu is a part of) is all about, and am happy to help whenever I can.


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10/22/12 - Stress and Blood Sugar - at Diabetes Care Club
10/22/12 - 5 things to consider when starting pump therapy - at Diabetes Monitor
10/19/12 - Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #7 - at Diabetes Monitor
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Scott over at “Rolling in the D” wrote a great post Monday about driving with diabetes.

He read an article on Sunday in [...]

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New post up at Diabetes Care Club about fighting out of sloth mode.

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Other Posts? Where?

On October 11, 2012 By

I stay pretty busy writing. But most of it doesn’t end up posted here.  I’m struggling with how to keep you up to date with new stuff without being obnoxious about it.

Would it be best to post here each time something new is online?  Or should I keep adding links to the [...]

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Medtronic Trial Over

On October 5, 2012 By

I am done with the Medtronic MySentry trial, and am happy to report that I didn’t see another motor error or have any more unusual encounters with ceiling fans.

I have a lot [...]

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Steve’s Mountain

On September 12, 2012 By

I have long been a fan of Steve Richert and his insane addiction to climbing stuff.

He and his small team at Living Vertical have been on an amazing journey to spread diabetes awareness.  It’s called Project 365, and [...]

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