I’m a bit overdue for one of these posts, so the list is long.

1/11/13 – Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #16 – at Diabetes Monitor
1/11/13 – After Thoughts: Jonny White & Oliver Brown – at Diabetes Social [...]

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11/1/12 - We are doing an impressive job - at Diabetes Monitor
10/29/12 - After Thoughts: Hope Warshaw - at DSMA Live
10/29/12 - Diabetes, Road Runners, and Wile E. Coyote - at Diabetes Care Club
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10/22/12 - Stress and Blood Sugar - at Diabetes Care Club
10/22/12 - 5 things to consider when starting pump therapy - at Diabetes Monitor
10/19/12 - Diabetes Blog Weekly Update #7 - at Diabetes Monitor
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Steve’s Mountain

On September 12, 2012 By

I have long been a fan of Steve Richert and his insane addiction to climbing stuff.

He and his small team at Living Vertical have been on an amazing journey to spread diabetes awareness.  It’s called Project 365, and [...]

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Medtronic Diabetes hosted the second ‘Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum’ at their headquarters in Northridge, CA last week.  Myself and nearly thirty others involved in diabetes social media spent about a day and a half visiting with some of the brightest minds at Medtronic.

I am always encouraged by the caliber of people that [...]

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