Never Go To The Grocery Store When Hungry, and Never Go To McDonald’s When Low

Tested 42, grabbed a handful of glucose tablets, but with 3+ units still on board I headed to a nearby McDonald’s. I really should have stopped driving, but I didn’t feel that I had enough stuff in the car to pull me through the low with all that insulin still working.

I think I just asked for like 3 of everything on the menu…

Seriously though, I had one cinnamon roll and 4.5 hash browns. Doesn’t really sound all that bad, I guess… at least until you get your senses back and realize that you just consumed over 1000 calories in a single sitting…

Good thing I played basketball last night! Which I’m also sure is why I had experienced this low today.

Does anyone else feel really wiped out and tired for a good spot of time after a low like that?

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Scott K. Johnson

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