A fingerprintI was just thinking back on something I got a little kick out of a few years back.

I spent a couple of years working for the Federal Reserve Bank here in Minneapolis. It was a really neat experience! I got to tour the vault and the cash shipping/receiving area – talk about impressive!!

Before I started working there I had to pass a very thorough background check. This included getting fingerprinted, etc. When they did the fingerprints it was on a completely digital system. As they rolled each of my fingers (and thumbs) across a little digital scanning pad, a high-resolution image of my finger appeared on a large monitor in front of us.

My fingers were riddled with (what seemed like) hundreds of these little diamond-shaped lancet marks! Very weird to see it on the screen of the monitor! I had to explain to the security guard that I was diabetic and had to poke my finger to test my blood sugars through the day!!

I could also see very clearly which of my fingers were my favorite to poke at the time!

Any diabetic criminals out there that can fill us in on whether all those lancet marks makes it easier or harder to track us down? Hehe!

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3 thoughts on “Fingerprints?

  1. yeah same thing happen to me a few years back I needed a police record check because I decided I wanted to volunteer at “house of friendship” a local homeless shelter/soup kitchen. Any ways when I went to get my record check they scanned my finger prints with a digital scanner and since I’ve been type 1 diabetic for 20 years now there was what looked like 100’s of tiny holes mostly on my index and middle fingers on both hands. At first both me and the officer were puzzled as to what was going on with the scanner but then I mentioned how I was diabetic the officer had mentioned her mother in-law was also diabetic and thought it was kind of neat that the digital scan could pickup such small marks on the fingers. I also jokingly asked her if i could avoid police experts if my prints were found at a crime but she told me most likely not because the digital scan clearly shows the difference between natural and unnatural marks on the finger.

  2. Hello Scott I just happened to find your diabetes blog by using the google search while working on my daughters diabetic 504 plan for school. This blog was very interesting to me since I used to work and my husband still does work for nuclear plants and so I know all about the fingerprints. I just wonder if all those pokes could actually alter ones fingerprints to the extent that the person could be denied access for a job??…. I also thought hmmm if one could get a blown up picture of that, what a message that could send to the public about the pains and tortures diabetics have to go through. My daughter is very petite and has very danty hands with these large clubed looking finger tips. Thank goodness for alternate sites, unfortunatley my daughter hasn’t had success with that. Thanks for your blogs!!!

    [email protected]
    mom of a 13 year old diabetic.
    Benton Harbor MI.