Old Medical Records (Joslins 25 Year Certificate)

Joslin-header_logoI’m a little frustrated. I celebrated my 25 year mark with diabetes this past April. I got interested in getting my 25 year congratulatory certificate from Joslins. I just thought it would be kind of neat to scan it and put it on my blog here. 🙂

I started researching what is required to get registered with Joslins, and the best thing is discharge records from diagnosis.

I’ve lived in Minneapolis my entire life, and there are only a handful of hospitals that I could have gone to. My dad & I can’t remember exactly where I went, and my mom passed away recently, so I can’t ask her (it’s from her that I know it was April of 1980, because I asked her about it a couple years ago). I sent record requests to two of the main candidates (Methodist and Fairview Riverside), but both have returned correspondence indicating that they have no records for me for that time (April of 1980).

I’ve got a couple other longshot possibilities – Fairview Southdale and Childrens. I think I’ll send a records request off to Fairview Southdale first, just because I think I would have remembered Childrens because of its unique “kid friendly” environment.

There are other options that Joslins will accept, but I would really love to see my discharge records from my original diagnosis, so it’s about more than just the certificate now.

For those of you who are “recently” diagnosed, tuck those records away somewhere – you may want to look at them 50 years down the road…

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One thought on “Old Medical Records (Joslins 25 Year Certificate)

  1. Scott,
    If Joslin won’t give it to you, we’ll have our own 25-year celebratory event for you on-line, OK?

    I find it both comforting and a little unsettling to find someone at the 25-year mark still struggling with all the same issues. But thank you so much for sharing all your struggles with us! Somehow that makes it all seem more “normal” for us newbies.

    AmyT of http://www.diabetesmine.com