Testing Too Often?

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I’m sorry – I lost this picture. Imagine my finger with a drop of blood.

This would be normal…if it was where I poked myself! I actually poked the LEFT side of that finger, and as you can see, I got a sample from a previous test on the right side.

Another time that this happened, my finger actually bled from both places! I didn’t have a camera then, or you’d be looking at that picture instead.

Another fun thing is when you get the “sprayer” – that’s when you’re squeezing and squeezing, and nothing happens – until you notice the spray of blood all over the place (the squirt is such a fine stream that you can’t see if coming out of your finger!).

On that note – how often do people really change their lancets? Many people who have lived with diabetes for a long time have more boxes of lancets than you can count but rarely change them. I usually don’t change my lancet until it is so dull that it feels like I’m driving a large nail into my finger, AND it doesn’t produce any blood.

I don’t know why I never change it – I guess I never think about it until it inconveniences me during testing.

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Scott K. Johnson

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