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I’m sorry – I lost this picture. Imagine a cool medical ID temporary tattoo here…

Late last month Amy T of talked about using tattoos for medical ID. The article was informative and entertaining.

One item that especially interested me was the temporary medical ID tattoos. For those without kids, these temporary tattoos usually last 3-5 days before they simply wear off. If you’re determined (or if your child has put one on their forehead or something), you can get them off with some determination and elbow grease.

I usually do wear a medical ID bracelet. I had trouble with these for many years growing up until my wife bought me a very nice gold one that has lasted over ten years and is still going. There are times though, that I don’t want to wear the bracelet. While playing basketball or working out, for example.

I thought the temporary medical ID tattoo would be a good idea, so I ordered some. They are very affordable. Each order comes with 14 tattoos. When I purchased mine, there was a special price of $2.95 (regular price of $5.95) plus shipping. I was pleasantly surprised that their online store accepted PayPal, which I like.

I applied the tattoo last night, and it went on just fine. To my surprise, I found it glows in the dark! I was surprised again this morning when checking it. It has a very “worn” look, even though I applied it just last night. We’ll see how it holds up.

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