Stick with the glucose tabs

Cap'n_Crunch_regular_flavorWhat is it about Cap’n Crunch cereal that totally destroys the roof of your mouth?

I love cereal, but I don’t eat it too often. This is mostly because I have a heck of a time with portion control and accurately counting the carbs (see, I can’t eat just one bowl…).

I woke up low again last night. Seems like it’s been happening more often lately, so I’ve got to keep an eye on that. I think lows in general are hard to deal with, just because of all the physiological things that are happening in your body – emergency signals and instinctual urges to eat more than you need, etc.

So instead of having some glucose tabs (ie, the smart thing to do) I went down and had some Cap’n Crunch with milk. Ok, so maybe “some” is not the right word to use here. I thought I had about 6 servings, and bolused for that amount (letting the cozmo subtract from the dose to treat the low). Based on my blood sugar when I woke up in the morning, it was probably more like 7 or 8.

And my mouth hurts.

In my defense, 6,7 or 8 servings sounds like a lot of servings. It is. But lets also keep in mind that a single serving is 3/4 cup. My point here is that those servings can add up a lot faster than you would think.

Next time, I’ll stick with the glucose tabs. Especially because the low that woke me up was only a 68 – which is just below a comfortable number. I probably only needed perhaps two glucose tabs (8 carb grams), instead I went downstairs and had a couple hundred grams.

I think I’ll have to start using Kerri’s 8 sips plan if I decide not to use glucose tabs. On that note, Kerri & Wil, I would ask you to come up with a term we can add to the diabetes dictionary that describes the urges to eat everything in sight when dealing with a low. This might be hard for you Wil – with the lack of symptoms it’s probably much different for you…?

Maybe I’ll just stick with the glucose tabs…

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5 thoughts on “Stick with the glucose tabs

  1. that would be:
    Glut-munching: Eating 3 times more than you need to, to correct a low.
    (See Reality Check’s website!)
    Only have a problem with this when I wake up low- during the day, I generally exhibit some degree of control.

  2. oooops! Commented before I got to the end. Back in the old days I used to feel the lows and would go crazy in the pantry. I recall once eating orange sticks, doritios, and baklava. More an excuse to eat everything I had been resisiting up until that point. BG induced carb attack. Give me some time, I’ll come up with something better….

  3. OK, Scott. Slap yourself. Capt’n Crunch is easy to bolus. (We’ll just disregard the rest of it’s health effects for now.)

    There is this wonderful invention called a measuring cup. I never eat cereal without one.

    Just eat a cup (or 3/4 cup for some types) at a time and bolus as per carbs-minus-fibre on the side pannel of the box. Don’t forget the six carbs for the half cup of milk. Yes I measure that too.

    Adjust the first bolus for the curent BG. Then stack the rest. Don’t worry, ’cause you are stacking the carbs too. Eat five bowls. No problem.

    That said, I find that any cereal with corn screws me up. Grape nuts too. Sigh…I used to love Grape nuts. Oh well. They just spike me too bad to mess with any more. Hmmmm….maybe now with the Guardian I could be more scientific. Tonight I’m experementing with Dream Fields Pasta. The spike is low on a ridiclously low ammount of insulin, (five frickin carbs for a plate of spagetti???)but it is haning out at 150 for way tooooooooo long.

  4. I like “Hoovering the Kitchen.”

    Also applicable: Panic Eating, as I wrote about many moons (months) ago. Coincides nicely with Rage Bolusing.

    I’m constructing a dictionary. “Morrone’s Unabridged Diabetes Dictionary [Now with More Fiber!]

  5. Hoovering The Kitchen. At least, that’s what it seems like to me – wandering thru the kitchen cabinets, mouth agape, vacuuming up any and every thing that’s edible.

    I thought it was just me with the Captain Crunch and the mouth thing. Dang, there goes my illusion of being a delicate, fragile flower.