Stick with the Glucose Tabs

Cap'n_Crunch_regular_flavorWhat is it about Cap’n Crunch cereal that totally destroys the roof of your mouth?

I love cereal, but I don’t eat it too often. This is mostly because I have a heck of a time with portion control and accurately counting the carbs (see, I can’t eat just one bowl…).

I woke up low again last night. Seems like it’s been happening more often lately, so I’ve got to keep an eye on that. I think lows in general are hard to deal with, just because of all the physiological things that are happening in your body – emergency signals and instinctual urges to eat more than you need, etc.

So instead of having some glucose tabs (ie, the smart thing to do) I went down and had some Cap’n Crunch with milk. Ok, so maybe “some” is not the right word to use here. I thought I had about 6 servings, and bolused for that amount (letting the cozmo subtract from the dose to treat the low). Based on my blood sugar when I woke up in the morning, it was probably more like 7 or 8.

And my mouth hurts.

In my defense, 6,7 or 8 servings sounds like a lot of servings. It is. But lets also keep in mind that a single serving is 3/4 cup. My point here is that those servings can add up a lot faster than you would think.

Next time, I’ll stick with the glucose tabs. Especially because the low that woke me up was only a 68 – which is just below a comfortable number. I probably only needed perhaps two glucose tabs (8 carb grams), instead I went downstairs and had a couple hundred grams.

I think I’ll have to start using Kerri’s 8 sips plan if I decide not to use glucose tabs. On that note, Kerri & Wil, I would ask you to come up with a term we can add to the diabetes dictionary that describes the urges to eat everything in sight when dealing with a low. This might be hard for you Wil – with the lack of symptoms it’s probably much different for you…?

Maybe I’ll just stick with the glucose tabs…

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