Update on Latest Endo Appointment

stethoscope-29243_640As expected, my A1C was higher than I’m comfortable with – although not as high as I expected it to be. The result was 9.1, down from 9.2 three months ago. Faithful readers will remember that for my last visit in November, I thought I had been doing really well, and was caught off guard with that 9.2 A1C result. It really messed me up.

I spent the entire three plus months since then fighting to pull out of the tailspin I went into as a result of that surprise.

I actually expected this A1C to be higher than the last one, so I was a bit relieved to see that it was not as bad as I thought.

Everything else was pretty good:

Blood Pressure – 110/64
Kidney – 100% normal
Cholesterol – Total 125, LDL 82 (looking to be below 80) and HDL 32 (looking to be higher than 40)
Feet – no detectable neuropathy

The cholesterol is ever so slightly higher (LDL) and lower (HDL) than desired, so he’s upping my Lipitor a bit.

He also referred me to a dietitian. I dread it. I know that diet is my weak spot, and I really do want to change, but how the heck do you change these (poor) eating habits you’ve had your whole life?! I also have to do some legwork to find out if this particular dietitian is considered “in network” with my insurance.

More to come…

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3 thoughts on “Update on Latest Endo Appointment

  1. Hey man, your BP is awesome!

    Of the 2 cholesterol components, the HLD seems the most off to me. Do you get any fish or flax seed in your diet? I here those are good. Also, exercise (which you get through B-ball and other things) will help.

    A1c is more complicated.

    Good luck with the appt!

  2. Ugh, Scott. I SO “ditto” what you said. Diet is really the hardest part of controlling this disease for me. I do my best, but being human, I do slip up from time. Of course when that happens, I have a heck of a time getting things back to where they should be and I also have to deal with feelings of failure and/or guilt. It shouldn’t be so hard, but I guess it’s just a given due to the fact that we have this wondeful illness. This disease really is a balancing act and if one thing, especially diet is “off”, it really does affect your management and control of this disease.

    One suggestion: I would go to the appointment with the dietician with an open mind. You may find that he/she gives you some really good advice. It also would be a good time for you to bring your questions and discuss issues on your mind. It may really surprise you and it may help you achieve better control.

    As for your A1c, keep working on it. I think it’s great that there’s improvement and, hopefully, it will only to continue to improve with a little work and determination.

    Best of luck 🙂