100 Days (tribute to Johnboy & Keith!)

A sculpture of the number of 100Here’s to Keith over at dead islets. He has just published a post titled “100 Days”. The title of his post is no doubt respectfully borrowed from our mutual friend and O.C. blogger Johnboy of Infusion of thought, when he posted about his hitting a major and very inspiring landmark of 100 days straight of getting at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise!

Johnboy is quite an inspiration to many that enjoy reading his blog, that includes Keith and myself. The dedication that he has shared with us has impacted many of us in a very positive way – talk about a ripple effect!

Both Johnboy and Keith have been very supportive of me, and have shared some wonderful insights in their comments to my posts. I appreciate the heck out of both of them! So when Keith called us to action in his 100 Days post, I felt compelled to respond!

So, starting March 1, 2006 I will commit to getting at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. I also like the way that Johnboy summed it up in his post:

“Just a quick post today as it marks 100 days since I recommitted myself to concentrating on good health through regular exercise, healthy eating and frequent testing.”


Maybe Keith and I can help keep Johnboy going, in addition to reaping the positive impacts on our own health.

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