To Be Proud Of

Pita BreadYou would all be proud of me.

I tried something new for breakfast the other day.

I had a serving of scrambled “Egg Beaters” (basically egg whites), with one slice of american cheese (the heavily processed variety), in a whole wheat pita bread. Total carbs? About 13 grams.

How was it? It was just Ok – tasted very “eggy” (duh!), which is a taste I’m not crazy on, but think I could get used to. Yes, I know I’m a bit strange…

How did my blood sugar do? Um, pretty good I think. You see, while the day started out with the best of intentions, it kind of ran a bit crazy after breakfast and I didn’t pay too much attention to the BG until much later in the day. Shame on me.

I’ll try it again on a weekday where I can pay better attention to it.

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4 thoughts on “To Be Proud Of

  1. Scott –

    Great job!!! I think the key to eating better is finding lower fat/carb foods that actually appeal to you. When I was first diagnosed I ate eggbeaters and 2 pieces of very lowfat/lowcarb toast. Needless to say, this got old after a year!!! haha I now have found that my morning blood sugars do best when I have a low fat breakfast such as:
    yogurt and toast with fat free butter
    lowfat cottage cheese with 1/2 cup fruit and toast w/ fat free butter
    or lowfat cottage cheese with a medium size apple.

    If I have peanut butter toast for breakfast, I usually come to regret it 2 hours later because if I start high, I stay high. My morning blood sugars give me fits anyway, so I’m more often high in the morning than in a good range, so I’ve found the low fat breakfast helps me to get my blood sugar to a better level through the morning up to lunch.

    Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on trying something new. I do those egg beater omlettes from time to time. Call me crazy, but salsa on top does the trick for me (with or without a little sharp cheese or ham inside).

  3. I like to sautee mushrooms and spinach and add them to my omlettes. I also like adding a bit of chili garlic sauce as an alternative.

    Keep up the improvements! You’ll soon find ways of preparing food that you’ll enjoy.

  4. Scott–
    Congrats on the low carb breakfast! I try to keep my breakfast carbs to around 30 and find if very effective in managing my bGs. BTW, you might try sauteing a little onion and mixing it with your eggs and cheese. I find it changes up the flavor nicely. Later you might want to add a little garlic and I even like some diced fresh tomato with it too. Of course I’m the guy that had huevos rancheros for breakfast (eggs, chili and cheese).