Test Strips

A recent post by Penny over at my son has diabetes mentioned test strips and how they are everywhere. Even somehow following her husband to work! She’s right – these things are everywhere!!

It made me think of a couple of things that I find a little funny, in a weird diabetes kind of way (we do have a different sense of humor, don’t we?).

perfectly camouflaged sea creature
I’ll never find it…

1) I have a “diabetes drawer.” Actually, I have a few of them, but this drawer, in particular, is where I keep the meter that I use when at home. The test strips never quite make it into the trash but rather pile up by the thousands in the drawer itself. Every now and again, I’ll clean it out, but it’s usually very full of used test strips. This is usually not a very big deal – but one day, I accidentally dropped my unused test strip into the pile of used strips. I looked at the pile of strips for a minute and pretty much wrote off the unused strip as being lost, thinking, “How in the hell am I going to figure out which of the thousand strips was the one I just dropped?!”

2) Have you ever been out and about and seen a discarded test strip somewhere? Did you get a small kick out of just recognizing what it is? Did you send a little silent “shout out” to that anonymous fellow person with diabetes out there somewhere?

Those are a couple of test strip things that make me grin or chuckle. I’m quite sure you all have some very good stories to share! Consider the comments section officially open! The grand prize for the best story is one used test strip… (your choice – accu-chek, one touch, or freestyle).

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