PIIP – Part ‘n’ – Junk Food is Addictive…

PIPracticeI am working to pay closer attention to my “unconscious eating habits”. Trying to determine certain “trigger” events, and what other circumstances are often involved with my eating.

One thing I have realized is that for me – junk food is addictive.

Maybe addictive is not the right word to use – because if I stay completely away from it I don’t necessarily crave it.

It’s just that after I have one piece – of anything, I won’t stop eating it. It’s as if they add something that makes you keep going back for more!

The bad thing is, when it comes to candy or sweets, I don’t discriminate too much. There is a limit to what I’ll pay for – what I’ll buy at the store, or out of the vending machine. But what is most problematic is the office sweets. You know, the lady around the cube wall who has a candy dish, or the leftover cookies from the meeting in the next room, deserts at the office potluck, that kind of thing.

In situations like that, if I can resist the first piece of sweet stuff then I’ll be Ok. If I have even one little tiny piece of anything sweet, I’ll be craving junk food for the rest of the day. It usually starts the nasty spiral of the sweet/salty cravings. That’s where I’ll alternate back and forth between anything sweet, and the “itos” family of salty snack chips.


I don’t like those damn “itos” fellas too much. They are not very kind to me. It would be Ok if they would just come for a brief visit to my taste buds – instead of the mad rush that doesn’t stop until they’ve long worn out their welcome.

I’m going to just avoid it totally. That doesn’t sound right though – it’s as if it comes anywhere within 5 feet of me it will automatically jump down my throat. How about “I will exercise my will power and refuse to eat junk food” – there. That sounds better.

My action plan for junk food is “Just Say NO!”.

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6 thoughts on “PIIP – Part ‘n’ – Junk Food is Addictive…

  1. I was just under the spell of Girl Scouts Cookies the other night. I thought “oh I’ll just have one” NOT! I totally hear you man JUST SAY NO!!!

  2. There used to be an advert for Pringles with the line “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. So true…

    Good luck with new plan.(And btw, I like the new pic!)

    Jen – Double Stuf Oreos… Mmmmmmm. They may not be calling your name, but I can hear them shouting mine! They don’t sell ‘real’ Oreos in the UK, just a poor imitation. But that is probably good for my waistline!

  3. If only Willy Wonka’s gum idea really worked. I mean, seriously, why can’t someone invent gum that tastes like real chocolate.

    Add me to the Can’t-eat-just-one-club. I recently made the HUGE mistake of buying 2 bags of chocolate chips at BJ’s wholesale club. I made short work of a few POUNDS of chocolate chips. I will NEVER do that again. Those chips are currently dimpled on my thighs. Oddly enough my bsls have come down a lot since I polished off those bags and bought some baby carrots instead.

    Thankfully neither the Double Stuf Oreos nor the Tostitoes that my husband prefers to nibble on call my name.

  4. I’m just like you guys. I can’t say no to just a few of anything anymore.

    I’ll only stock things that I’m not crazy about like graham crackers or pretzels. That’s the closest to junk food that my family gets and I don’t eat them, so I’m safe.

    My trigger used to be Coca-Cola. I need a flavored beverage when I eat something, so now I drink any flavor of Crystal Light. It doesn’t taste diety at all.

    Popcorn is a favorite of mine. There are flavored powders (butter, cheddar, etc) that you can shake on it so you don’t need butter or salt. But when I want to get decadent, I’ll melt some butter and pour it on. But that’s only once a month or so.

    The 94% fat free microwave popcorn is great.

  5. Scott, I can relate to the concept of “triggers” and there are times in which I just have to stop it in its tracks. It’s because one thing leads to another, right?

    I have never really understood my wife who could eat one or two oreos (or whatever) and be completely satisfied.

    I am more like you. What might be helpful is to find a substitute for whatever it is you crave. For sweets, I have found that a chocolate-flavored protein shake does pretty well. The one I like is made by Optimum Nutrition and comes in a few flavors.

    Maybe some crunchy veggies for the other junk food would work?

    Another key might be planting these items in the right place. For instance, if you are going to seriously consider using the veggies as a substitute you might spend 30 minutes on the weekend packing up a few ziplock bags of the stuff and take it to the office.

    A few ideas to take or to leave! Good luck!