The Test Strip Contest!

This picture was taken with the highest quality camera phone (note the heavy sarcasm) available.

We are looking at a very common scene that exists almost anywhere I spend a bit of time. This photo in particular is my desk at work. It is my little test kit pouch that lays open on my desk, and just happens to be where all my used test strips land. We won’t mention the fact that the actual garbage can is not but a mere inch or two farther in the opposite direction… so why don’t I just get them into the garbage? I do not know.


my testing kit with a bunch of test strips in it

The contest has two parts, and each will win a real life prize that has yet to be determined.

Part 1: How many test strips are there?

First comment with the closest guess wins first (and only) prize. One guess per person. Contest ends on Friday March 24, 2006. And yes, I do know it’s a crappy picture.

Part 2: What meter are these strips from?

First person to make a comment with the correct meter wins. One guess per person. Contest ends on Friday March 24, 2006. And yes, you already told me it is a crappy picture.

For each part of the contest, I must have some way to contact you. Entries must be made as a comment to this post, but if you don’t have your e-mail address available in your profile, or don’t want it out in the public, you can drop me an e-mail with the name used in the comment and the e-mail address that goes along with it.

Prizes (one for each part) will be rewarded sometime after I get my tax refund. 🙂 I mean, whenever I get what’s left over after my wife gets my (our) tax refund.

I’m having a bit of fun with this, and will do some other contest related things in the future. I’ll try to get better pictures next time too.

Yes, I did hear you when you said the picture is pretty bad…

Okay! – I understand the picture sucks! Get over it!


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19 thoughts on “The Test Strip Contest!

  1. I’m going with 113 strips. Your post motivated me to clear out my own meter case, and 113 is the number that were in there. And when I took a photo of them all with my own phone camera it looked…. well, just as bad!

    And yes, I am that sad!!

    As for the meter, I’ll guess Accu-Check Compact.

  2. PS: 53 strips. And if the trash can is an inch or two away it is too damn far. Hey, we got stuff to do. You need to think about the number, write it down, pull the damn stip out of the meter, eat a twinke or take insulin….our mates just don’t get it! Such a burden!

    As to type…well, we all know Scott has a Cozmo pump. But I also know he doesn’t always use the Cozmonitor. The stips don’t look like FreeStyle to me. Too short. Of course it could be that high quality lens distorting the image…

    Scott, we so need to get you on a Guardian before your wife or co-workers are over run with dead strips!

  3. As a member of the Society of Photofinishing Engineers and a Certifed Photographic Consultant and can say with great authority that this is a crappy photo. I only mention it ’cause no one else had….

  4. I’m going with a One Touch meter (it’s the outside pocket with the flap on the black case) and 75 strips.

    I feel like I’m on the Price Is Right.

  5. Meter: Accu Chek Advantage
    Strips: 133 (Larry Bird plus 100)
    Time Kerri Spent Actually Thinking About This: Upwards of 25 minutes

    Thanks for making me feel completely OCD… 🙂

  6. Hi Scott,
    I have NO IDEA — but your post motivated me to start checking more often again. It’s not enough just to set your alarms to go off between meals. You actually have to check + correct, ay?

    Take care, Buddy!

  7. What are 150 strips and the Cozmore,
    Thats my final answer. If I need to guess a dif. meter, I’ll go with the Accucheck Advantage…(which I know is wrong, but hey, all the good guesses got taken).
    Bad pics just put the FUN in guessing!:-)