Oh man. I’ve been dealing with a cold type of thing over the weekend, and I took some medicine for it this morning. I feel soooooooooooo disconnected. Like I can’t get my brain and mouth/fingers to operate together. It’s awful! I’m not sure which is worse – the cold symptoms or the side effects of this damn medication!

My words are all jumbled together and slurred. I swear, I think my boss will kick me out of work today because I’m acting intoxicated!

Plus my BG’s are all over the place!

I’ve got both prizes underway for the Test Strip Contest. Caro has received hers, but Kerri’s has yet to arrive. I can’t spoil the fun by telling what it is until I know they’ve both been received. Then I’ll post an update to let everyone know what they won. I’m waiting for Kerri’s prize to arrive at my place, then I need to ship it to her. I would imagine it will be late next week before I can spill the beans.

I had my appointment with the dietician on Friday, and man, it was awesome! I’ll dedicate a post to it when my head clears up a bit.

10 points to whomever can tell me where the title of this post came from.

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6 thoughts on “SmittyWerbenJegarManJensen

  1. I am FINALLY getting over a cold that I have had for about a month so I hope you get rid of that quick! It only took 3 rounds of anibiotics to do the trick!

    WHOOOOOOOOO Lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  2. Hi Scott,

    yeah, I’ve got the same damn cold thing. Came on fast and I’m planning on shaking it fast. Hope yours exits quickly.

    Cold meds! Bah! I find them guilty of:

    a. Messing with one’s head.
    b. Messing with one’s BGs far worse than the cold would. No tolerance for this one!
    c. Prolonging one’s cold.
    d. Not even helping.

    Let the cold do its work! Lotsa hot tea and miso soup, kleenex, the old salt-water rinse, and maybe a little aspirin for when you really have to get some work done…

    Anyway, take care and get better soon