And I LIKED it!

HummusI actually tried hummus the other day.

And yes folks, better sit down. I actually liked it.

Here’s another shocker. I had some real fruit for breakfast yesterday. I made a smoothie in the blender, with a real live banana, a big ole strawberry, a little bit of peanut butter and a cup of milk.

It was good.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering. Well Scott, how was your blood sugar?

Wouldn’t you know that I forgot my “Other Checkbook” at home! And instead of doing the rational thing and just writing my BG’s and stuff on a different paper, I just didn’t pay much attention at all. I still checked, and reacted when necessary (correction or food), but just didn’t record anything. I don’t know why I do weird things like that.

Just going on memory here, but I started the day high (mid 200’s). After breakfast it was running a bit high too. I corrected and got things back down, but was a little frustrated that I had tried this new thing for breakfast and didn’t get “good” results in terms of my BG.

But then I took a step back, and told myself to be a little more relaxed about it. I’m trying a lot of new foods that I’m not familiar with, and there will be a learning curve to work through with them. It all takes time.

SUpersizemeI watched the movie “Super Size Me” over the weekend. Wow. What was most apparent to me was the changes in this guys mood and general change in behavior. He was just absolutely lethargic and pathetic after only a couple of weeks! Especially near the end! The scenes where they show him just sitting in a heap doing nothing – depressed and pitiful! Man – I’m probably like that ALL THE TIME!!!!

I wonder if I will feel so much better when I’m routinely eating a healthy diet and keeping my blood sugars under better control? Maybe I’ve been depressed, lethargic, pathetic and pitiful for so long that I don’t know any different? I think about that, and I feel good about where I am headed. I feel good that I am working to make smarter choices about my overall health.

I just feel good about the future.

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15 thoughts on “And I LIKED it!

  1. The best hummus is at Abu Shukri’s in Jerusalem :-), near Damascus Gate.

    Frommer’s Review
    This restaurant, one of the best and most affordable in Jerusalem, can be found where the Via Dolorosa and Al Wad Road meet. It’s famous for hummus (mashed, seasoned chickpeas eaten with pita bread) that is so spectacular that in earlier times, people in Jordan used to send out for it, and lines of Israelis waited for tables on Saturday afternoons. Try your hummus with whole chickpeas in olive oil, or black beans, or with roasted pine nuts (my favorite) and be sure to ask for the pita bread to be served hot (included in the price). I like to order a small plate of chopped salad and mix it in with the hummus; falafel here is fresh and spicy. In 1999, Abu Shukri began to add meat to its menu-you can get excellent grilled kabobs, shwarma, and kubbeh (cracked wheat dumplings stuffed with meat). Mint tea is a good beverage choice

  2. Super Size should be required viewing for all high school kids.

    Like you Scott, I used to eat really bad. Now I’m a huge fan of the chef’s salad (I was just out on the back porch grilling chicken tenders…). And I can promise you this: you will feel better when you eat better.

    But those darn junk food demons are hard to shake. Was that a DQ Blizzard calling my name????

    My latest quest for balance: eat right most of the time and let small ammounts of evil in around the edges. My recent every night desert: 22 Ghirardelli 60% Cocoa Bittersweet Chocolate chips. Not as much fun as a whole box of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, but only 10 carbs.

  3. “Super Size Me” was a great movie.
    (I managed to not eat out for an entire month, I was so grossed out)
    I try NOT to eat hamburgers more then twice a month, nowadays..junkfood makes you feel like junk!
    Hummus is good..but I’m more of a yogurt person, don’t care for smoothies.
    Happy food adventures.

  4. That last paragraph you wrote totally resonates with me. I often wonder the same thing. My eating habits are a lot worse than I am usually willing to admit. If I could actually eat well, excericse & pay consistent attention to my diabetes would I feel better? Less depressed, letahrgic & head-achey? That would be a good experiement. Maybe, just maybe I will try it next week 🙂

    I am a huge fan of smoothie breakfasts – especially with a generous dollop of peanut buuter – YUM! I use plain, fat-free yogurt, frozen strawberries, a dash of Splenda and peanut butter & banana if we have it. The frozen berries blend nicely for a more shake-like feel.

  5. Mmmm, hummus is my snack of choice these days. Yum. Except I always get Genie from Aladdin stuck in my head “Genie, wake up and smell the hummus.” But whatever, it’s good stuff, man.

    You might like tabbouleh, too. I got a bunch of meat-and-potato Canadians to scarf it down like the choicest of steaks once – give that a try. Mmm. I love the two together, too, in a pita.

  6. Oh Scott, if you liked humuus, try baba ghanoush (similar but made with eggplant instead of chickpeas). There’s a world of tasty healthy food out there. Oatmeal sweetened with splenda, peanut butter and raspberries is my breakfast of choice and its pretty easy to bolus for.

    Do you live near a Whole Foods Market or a Trader Joe’s? Take a look sometime–there’s a lot of good food out there that’s not junk. Congrats on the humuus!

  7. Hey Scott,

    You are such an inspiration and I seriously look forward to your blog updates because they are just so damn honest.

    And thanks for not putting the hummus in your smoothie. Chris went through a “juicing phase” recently – juiced everything we own- and I’m pretty sure we went through 34 lbs of carrots, at least four dozen apples, and for some reason I can’t find my face moisturizer. … Hmmm…

  8. Thanks everyone!

    David – thanks for stopping by!! (I’m a bit awestruck – THE David Mendosa was here!! hehe!).

    I believe that brand is available in our big retail grocery chains here. I’ll grab some and give it a try! I read your blog entry and will try some of the other things you mentioned there too. Thanks again!

  9. Keep it up dude!

    I keep that movie on a constant loop and unfortunately (and fortunately) my 8 year old walked in during the part about chicken nuggets and now she refuses to even look at a McDonalds when we drive by! Too bad I don’t think the rest of the movie is appropriate for the kiddies but we honestly watch it every once in a while to help keep us away from Fast Food.

  10. Hummus is great!!!! I’m so happy you like it.

    You will feel sooo much better when you cut back on the junk.