What to do for lunch?

brown-paperbags-309963_640So here’s the scenario.

You’ve had a decent breakfast, and a somewhat healthy mid-morning snack. But, you have failed (again) to plan for lunch.

What do you do?

There are all the “regular” fast food places within reach, as well as some sit-down types of places. You are also 3 minutes away from a Cub Foods (local grocery chain). You are also within 20 minutes from home, meaning you can drive home, have 15-20 minutes to cook & eat, then drive back to work.

What are some fairly healthy things that you can grab on the run, or at least within your lunch hour?

What to do for lunch?

That is the question.

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9 thoughts on “What to do for lunch?

  1. Jack in the Box has a great Spicy Chicken with Cheese…the trick is to not eat the top bun and use the lettuce as the top. If I don’t even buy the fries, I can get away with 4U for the whole meal and it doens’t raise BG too much.

  2. In a stressful case like this, I end up going to the fast food stalls. My prefernces is either Subway with the low carb wraps or McDonalds with the Cobb Salad, no dressing and a yogurt parfait. Always add a nice diet drink to fill you up some more.
    When Salads or McDonallds are also not available, I go for the high protied double quarter pounder burger and a drink. The protien and fat keeps the sugars in control for me.

  3. Great input folks – thank you.

    melissa — to say I have “food issues” might qualify for understatement of the decade. But still a very kind way to say it. 🙂

    george — I think like you and melissa say, keeping soup on hand is a good way to go.

    wil — oh man, if you had any idea where my IQ was… hehe!

    shannon — I do Wendy’s sometimes and get a couple baked potatoes (with butter & sour cream). I don’t like chili too much, though I wish I did.

    lyrehca — some good ideas there. This day in particular I ended up getting some cottage cheese, a small box of animal crackers, a V-8 and some of this stuff called “fruit leather”. It’s like dried fruit that helps me get past my texture problem.

    Great ideas folks – thank you!

  4. If you choose fast food, grilled chicken sandwiches (hold the mayo) are a great option as well as what Lyrehca said about their salads.

    My husband lost a ton of weight and goes for the chili at Wendy’s.

  5. Yeah, Scott–either the fast food salads (go light on the dressing; try eating it by sticking your fork in the dressing, then taking a bite of salad. You get the taste of the dressing but a fraction of the actual dressing). Or the grocery store’s deli counter or do they have a salad bar? A prepared food section? Have you tried veggie sushi rolls yet (high in carbs with the white rice, but they’re approx. 10-15 cho per piece.)? The grocery store would have had huumus, too, and rolls, and you could have made a huumus sandwich with veggies from the salad bar, if they had one. And picked up a piece of fruit for dessert.

    What’d you end up doing?

  6. Anyone with an IQ as high as Scott’s can find a great meal in a big grocery store. I’d start at the deli…Hmmmm nice salad and some slices of cold cuts, anyone?

  7. I also keep a bunch of soup in my desk and that always does the trick.

    Most fast food places have salads that may work but you have to be careful still since the dressing is usually out of control!

  8. For me, planning is the key. When I don’t paln for lunch I end up either not eating or eating crap. Planning is also one of the things about diabetes that I loathe the most. I keep can’s a soup (lower fat varieties) with carb counts of around 40-60 grams in my desk drawer. I am also a big fan of Lean Cuisine – many of them are gross but I have my favorites and it is just so easy to grab that & a peice of fruit on my way out the door.

    I am realizing as I write this that neither of these ideas may work for you since you seem to have food issues – any chance you have a blender handy at work? 🙂