Like Running Into an Old Friend

I read a lot of d-blogs.

The connection we all have is tangible – even if it is just an electronic cyber connection kind of thing. We all get each other. We know what it is like to live with diabetes or care for someone with diabetes. With that in common, we bond quickly and there is a real sense of support for each other. A lot of frustrations are shared, and an equal or better dose of encouragement goes right along with it.

There are now a lot of d-blogs. Many more than I can keep up on. I do my best, using a (free) service such as Bloglines to automatically watch blogs I have subscribed to for updates.

There was a day late last week when I had a couple of empty minutes and checked my Bloglines account – there were a few updates, so I started to dig in and read them.

When I saw the name of the blog for a particular post, I had to do a double-take. What?! No way! I thought he retired! This is just like when Michael Jordan came back!

The title of the post is “Roll Call,” and it’s from one of our absolute favorite bloggers. A guy whose hit counter was scrolling so fast that there was smoke coming from the bottom of his web page.

Yes, folks, Wil “Printcrafter” from LifeAfterDx is back in action!!

Wil spent a lot of time giving the rest of the real world an extremely eloquent, detailed, day-by-day account of his early experiences with the Guardian RT CGMS system from Medtronic. The pros, the cons, the frustrations, the joys. The complete package.

I cannot express how valuable that was for so many of us – to get a real-world, non-marketing/sales speak, view of what living with this thing is like.

Wil posted pretty much every day for about three months straight. That in itself is an amazing feat, and then to add that every single word he typed was well thought out and placed in perfect harmony with the message he was delivering for that day. Simply incredible. A daunting task for even a professional blogger – much less a guy with a trillion things going on!!

So for Wil to announce that he was going to start posting again was music to my ears.

I’m glad to see that the itch to blog again has pulled Wil back into a world he never really left – and I was just delighted after reading his announcement.

It was like running into an old friend, and one that I was quite happy to see.

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Scott K. Johnson

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