What a Great Idea!!!

One of my favorite blogs to read is “aiming for grace“.

I’ve talked about ada’s wonderful blog before. Not only are the photos she uses great, but the messages she delivers are even better.

I was initially hooked on the blog when she ran her series back in March & April of 2006, “20 things I know about diabetes“. The messages are short & sweet, and the images bring the message out in such a unique way. As I said, I was completely and totally hooked.

She has helped me cope with many things from that point on – her posts are usually short and very elegant, and they deliver such a powerful message. I can’t describe how often they have touched me.

Well, I was just so intrigued by her last post, where she took her series of 20 things and turned them into a hardcover book! It in itself is a wonderful idea, and seemingly more so for her posts with the wonderful pictures – but it opened up some other things for me too! She talks about her belief in the power of things. To be able to touch and feel, to have something tangible, and how much more powerful that is to her (us?) than the abstract idea of something.

A spread from the book

As ada made note of, I received a comment recently from a fellow Minnesotan, Minnesota Nice, who uses a similar concept of making something real out of her baby steps of progress. For every decision or action she takes that is health-empowering, she makes note of that, and for each item, she will take a Lego piece and add it to a complex Lego tower in the corner of her living room. When she’s used up all the Legos, she’ll take a picture, then start over. What a photo album that would be!!

These are both incredibly powerful concepts, and I think they are just great. I mean, really, really great. Talk about some real-world tangible things to keep the momentum moving in the right direction, to remind you of your past successes, to help you credit yourself for the struggles you have survived, and to keep you moving in the right direction.

In ada’s post, she mentions a service (blog binders) that can take your blog and turn it into a book! I had no idea it was even possible. I think that would be such a great thing – to have a nice book of your blog!

But where would I draw the line? What posts to include? Do I publish a new book for every 12 months? Or would it be better for a series of posts, such as ada’s “20 things”, or Wil’s guardian chronicles, where he details his first experiences with the Guardian RT? You know – something with a fairly concrete “start” and “end”?

Either way – I am very intrigued by this idea and will probably explore it further. A big thank you to ada & Minnesota Nice for planting the seed!

BTW – “ada”, if you prefer I call you something else, please let me know. I’m using “ada” because it’s what’s on your other blog – not sure if that’s Ok or not! You can see I’m going to be talking of you often – just because you’re so darn good!! Thanks a million!

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