That term means something to us pumpers – as in “disconnected” from our pumps. But, that’s not what I want to write about today.

Instead I’m talking about the disconnect we have in one of our very basic bodily systems.

The body is a fascinating machine. One that we probably don’t give it’s due credit and respect until something doesn’t work as it should. For the diabetic that is all about trying to manually manage our blood sugars.

There are times when our blood sugars and bodies hunger levels don’t quite jive.

I’d like to draw some attention to just how confusing that is to me.

I mean, I’m not confused by the concept of it, it does make sense – it’s just that the body is not in tune with being out of sync on those two issues.

An example might serve here.

Lets say you make some miscalculation for your meal bolus (yes folks, it does happen). You take a larger bolus than your meal actually requires. You finish your meal, and are quite satisfied, feeling full, to a point, and content.

But then your over-bolus hits you, and your body is all of a sudden screaming for sugar. But wait – I’m FULL! According to my bodies natural systems, I’m supposed to be feeling full, satisfied, not-lacking in the sugar department!

wiresYou have this whole mess of conflicting signals – satiety & fullness vs. low blood sugar and the bodies signals demanding more energy. You see? Disconnected.

This might also happen if you get your timing such that your insulin is lowering blood sugar faster than your stomach is digesting what’s there. Again, disconnected.

It can be very confusing, because the body will never know this situation when all of it’s parts are working properly. But, when we are in charge of our insulin, things like this can happen. It’s a combination of signals that the body does not know how to deal with.

It’s not natural.

Granted, this situation usually does not happen often, but I thought it was worth giving credit to the natural order of things, and a nod of acknowledgement to the difficulties of things that happen when that natural order doesn’t quite work right.

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Scott K. Johnson

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