So much reading!

Ok, I have been busy ALL week – not even having time to read all my favorite D-blogs.

I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to catch up with everyone’s lives, and I’m making progress. I think I’ve only got something like 58 unread posts to read (oy!). For every minute I leave the computer unattended, that number grows.

You guys are just too good! I can’t stop the reading to do any writing!!! Maybe by the end of the month I can get caught up and post something…

I’m loving every minute of it!

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7 thoughts on “So much reading!

  1. I saw you had a new post from Kerri’s blog… what a tease!! 🙂

    I know what you mean, there’s so much to keep up with. I definitely use some work time to read through the updates!

  2. I know it’s crazy. The OC has gotten so big over the last few months. My internet is dial up and it costs me a fortune. Sometimes I just click on all the blogs I want to read then turn the internet off to save money.

    Trouble is, then I can’t leave comments.

    Thanks for coming by my diary, yeah it’s hard not eaten much but it’s got to be good for me in the long run. I just can’t STOP eating chocolate orange biscuits.

    They’re yum, but I only need 2units for 4 biscuits. Not too bad.


  3. Hi Scott,
    My problem is that I can’t stop the writing to do any reading. I’m so behind.

    But when I get to it, I always love your stuff!

    – Amy

  4. You got a point there Scott. I also have many D-blogs that I like to read, but there just are not enough hours in the day to read all the interesting posts AND up-date your own blog 🙂

  5. Hi Scott … coming out of lurk-dom here to say I’m in the same boat … I spend a lot of time reading all those great blogs out there (hey, yours in on that list, you know!).

    The O.C. seems to almost grow on a daily basis.

    Btw – I love your blog!

  6. Are you going through every single OC blog?
    Definatly getting more of a challenge,duly reading other people’s posts/commenting/and keeping up with one’s own blog..The OC keeps growing!
    (a good thing, but impossible to keep up with!)
    Good for you, making a valient effort TO keep up.