Farcking Cheesecake

Scott holding a meter with a really high result (351 mg/dl)

Maybe that was not the best dietary decision I have ever made…


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12 thoughts on “Farcking Cheesecake

  1. Hot damn! I am simply not alone in the world. Your face is priceless but, at least your not ashamed to put your face on the web for the world to see.

    Display the high number with pride cause you will be explaining that number to your dietitian in 3 months, while trying to remember if it was the cheesecake or the Ben and Jerry’s fix on Valentine’s day.

  2. HA! Nice expression. Made me laugh this morning! That really sucks and I bet you felt pretty crappy. Hope you savored that cheesecake so it was worth it! LOL!

  3. At least you know what caused it, much better than the highs (or lows) which defy explanation. BTW, as mel said, your expression is priceless.

  4. As long as it was good.(sometimes though, its just worth the temporary high)
    Desserts are so impossible to bolus correctly for.

  5. I use an ultra smart! I have a free-style, and an accucheck something or another, and a BD Logic, and my daughter uses an ultra. Have fun with that 300 number there!

  6. Your expression is priceless. A mix of confusion, pissed-offedness, and uncertainty… or something.

    my justification: but cheesecake is so yummy!