My Gift To You

It is the holiday season.

Office Parties. Potluck gatherings. Treats and sweets. Large family meals, sometimes more than once (you simply have to eat at both sides of the family, if you are lucky enough to have them both local).

Food, food, food, and more food.

A time of year when we are perhaps most thrown out of whatever regular routine we have worked so hard to cultivate.

A time of year when knowing the exact number of carbohydrate grams is a luxury not often enjoyed.

A time of year when the SWAG and LADCS bolus methods are heavily employed.

A time of year that causes some of us a great deal of anxiety because we worry about our blood sugars.

I present to you, my dear fellow Persons With Diabetes, a gift that will make this year’s holiday season that much easier (at least once).

Token redeemable for perfect BG's

Use this token when you need it most. You can cash it in wherever you are and whenever you feel you need it.

A time when you feel you most desperately need that target blood sugar.

But choose wisely, because you only have one, and it expires at the end of 2006.

Happy Holidays everyone! Be good, be safe, have fun, and worry just one token less than you might have.

I will be around, commenting on all the blogs I love to read. I might even get smacked with an idea for a post or something like that. If that happens, I’ll surely get it posted.

But I wanted to at least give my gift before I got wrapped up in “stuff” over the next handful of days. Besides, I’ve never been good at keeping things to myself.

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18 thoughts on “My Gift To You

  1. Got one for an A1c?(I’m in need of serious help)
    Cool gift,though- and one that everyone here can use..Thanks.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Merry Christmas Scott!
    May you enjoy the blessing of good health in body and mind throughout the coming year!

    Your neighbor on the tundra….

  3. Oh! Thank you. I surely could have used it the other morning and undoubtably will have another use for it before the end of the year.

  4. Scott, thanks for the token. Yesterday as I posted I was certain that I wouldn’t need one of your tokens however after last nights dinner I could have used about ten. I fought high BG all night long.
    Thanks for the awesome gift. Mine is already used!!!!

  5. Scott

    Happy Christmas. Have a peaceful and enjoyable one.

    Here’s a 2007 filled with more news on progress towards some type of cure.

    And that’s for that token, I could have used it yesterday. Ouch!

  6. Woo Hoo! Can I have more than 1… PLEASE???!!!

    Ok, I’m being greedy, but this is JUST what I NEED! 🙂 And, yeah, I’ll certainly need it come Monday… lol.

    Thanks for the gift! It’s one I won’t be regifting.

  7. This time of year like you eluded to is extremely hard for you. We are just getting a little snort of it this season.
    I wish you the best for the holiday season. And i must say i laughed my ass off when i saw your new profile pic. Well done. Unfortunatly/fortunatly that pic of George is the only visual i have of him. Funny stuff.

  8. Awesome, Scott. I definitely need this redeemable redemption once in a while – and lately, it’s been a tougher time than usual.

    Terrific gift! Thanks! And I hope you and your family have an awesome holiday season.

    — K .