Weekend Update

A couple of quick updates for the weekend.

  • The latest installment of “Which Way Is Down?” has been posted over at dLife. Go take a look if you would like.
  • I had my endo appointment on Friday. It went very well. My A1C result came back at 7.9, which is the lowest it has been in over 6 years.

What have I been doing different? Well, I upped my basals around the clock a while back. That made a big difference, and I didn’t feel like it resulted in around the clock lows.

The other big thing that I’ve been doing is to really strap down and carefully count my carbs at dinner. A lot of weighing and measuring (which I hate), but I guess at some point you recognize that it is necessary and do what you gotta do.

I’ve got a good feeling that I can fine tune even more, and get this number down even lower. My goal for the OC New Me Challenge is an A1C of 7.5 or below. If I am able to meet that goal mid-year, that is great – but I’ve got to keep it there for it to count. Not only for the challenge, but for my long term health and well being. Just like golf, lower is better.

I also had an appointment on Wednesday with my dietitian. That was the first in a series of appointments with which we are hoping to design a game plan for healthy weight loss and good blood sugar control. It was, again, an awesome appointment. Now – I just have to follow through with some of the ideas she gave me.

I feel good about where I am, and better about where I’m going.



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27 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Anne – my game plan is to follow the meal plan that my dietitian laid out. Trying to keep under/near 250g carbs per day, and eating smaller meals at regular intervals.

    I understand that there is no magic formula – it’s all about calories in versus calories out.

    With me playing basketball 3 to 4 times per week, and most of that is pretty active full court ball, I feel that I’ve got the calories out part covered pretty good.

    I recognized that I must be doing something wrong with the calories IN if I was doing all of that exercise and not losing any weight.

    So far, so good – slow and steady wins the race!

  2. Congrat’s Scott, that is great news. I am due for getting my A1c checked, myself. I hope I will have happy news to report.

    What is your game plan for weight loss?

    Best wishes to you.

  3. I wanted to give you a heads up on a new blog that your readers may be interested in! My dad, Dr. Tom Creer, has been a clinical psychologist in the realm of self-management for 40 years. He has started a blog for patients who may be interested in learning about self-management, and he could use a little support in gaining new readers, so I was hoping you could give him a shout?

    The url is http://manageyourillness.com


  4. Hot Diggidy Scott! You’re moving in a great direction. I know it’s hard work, and the number has gotta feel like a great reward for your efforts.

  5. Hey, Scott, sounds like things are really going well for you! SO happy for you and proud of you- you should be proud too!

    keep it up 😉

  6. Good job man, and I know exactly how hard it is.

    I hope you can keep it doing this and I hope that your A1Cs reflect your effort.

  7. Congratulations, both on the low A1c and for meeting with the nutritionist and having it go well. And the more you weigh and measure the food, the better you’ll get at eyeballing it and knowing how many carbs will be in it.

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Zaz – Yes! It is easier to keep putting forth the effort when you actually see some positive results.

    Melissa – I think that effort applied in the right areas gives results (most of the time). Sometimes the hardest part is finding the area that you need to apply yourself in.

  9. AWESOME job on the A1C!!! So you are telling me, that the effort gives results? If so, you are my inspiration to get my own soaring A1c down 🙂

  10. Nice job. It’s scary how finding out your A1C can make or break your day!!!
    Woo Hoo on the dietician front as well. I certainly have struggled with that myself!!!

  11. You seem positive to improvement, and that is more than half the battle! Be happy with what you have achieved and you will want to achive MORE. I think you are doing great Scott!

  12. That is awesome dude! Keep up the good work.

    My fortune cookie said, “HELP, I am being held hostage at the fortune cookie factory!”

    I am gonna read your article now!

  13. Scott,
    That is so damn awesome about your a1c! It makes a huge difference the better your control gets and the only one you have to thank is yourself. Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  14. Congrats on the A1c- that is great.
    Every bit helps.(more power to ya)

    I love that fortune cookie..hehe.Exactly the one the PWD would want, post-Chinese!

  15. Ah shucks, didn’t that number just make your day! Congratulations Scott! You’ve got some powerful momentum going.
    (And, isn’t today’s heat wave wonderful?)
    Have a great week ahead.