When D-Instincts Go Wrong…


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My last post talked about a great day I had, and how my d-instincts helped me avoid a major middle of the night low.

Well, I had a not-so-awesome day on that Saturday. Here’s the other side of the d-instinct coin.

I woke up low. I had a little bit to eat (about 60g?).

I was heading out to the yard to mow the lawn and do some trimming and edging. These are activities that usually drop my blood sugar and cause a low, so I talked myself into not bolusing for my breakfast.

I went out and worked my tail off in the yard. Trimming and edging, then mowing and bagging the lawn. Twice. Yes, it was really that long.

When I got done I realized I was very thirsty, and my mouth felt dry.

You can see from the graph why…

20/20 hindsight – I should have taken some insulin for breakfast! It took me most of the day to get back on the map, and I didn’t break into my target range until sometime after midnight.

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