I think I’m set for a while…

Thanks for the heads up Scott Strumello!

giant 40lb box of wrapped smarties

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13 thoughts on “SMART(ies)

  1. I am sorry but the pics are all white, like there nothing in there, couldn't see the smarties here. and I was really looking forward it.

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  3. Scott –

    Ahhh…behold the power of Smarties!

    FYI – If you stapled a bunch of Smarty Rolls to a pair of pants you could be a “Smartie Pants” for Halloween!

    Thank you, thankuverymuch!

    Sorry – Couldn’t resist!


  4. I think I noted that I was a bit surprised when the box arrived! But the cost savings is HUGE, so I think you’ll be covered for a while, and as some other posters noted, you can always give any leftovers to trick-or-treaters at Halloween!

  5. Wow, that’s alot of Smarties.As a bonus..if you ever get tired of them you can unload the rest at Halloween.
    (with glucose tabs,you can’t really do that.Bought a case on Ebay once and after 3 years, tossed the rest out because they were too stale to eat and not even the birds would eat them. )
    That’s a great deal.