It’s All Relative ( A Tale of The Perfect Blood Sugar )

image of a glucose meter displaying 104 mg/dl

104 mg/dl – just like the meter boxes and commercials!

It was a perfect blood sugar.  Absolutely perfect.  104 mg/dl.

Yet, as the meter beeped and the number showed on the screen, a muttered “mother fuck” escaped my lips.  The irony of it all struck me, and I would have grinned if I wasn’t so busy planning my next move.

My blood sugar well over an hour earlier was 133 mg/dl, and I had thrown a Snickers candy bar AND a Pearson’s Nut Roll down the hatch.

I was about 45 minutes away from stepping on the basketball court, and I was just not high enough or heading in the right direction.

I had been struggling with running nasty lows during this evening basketball, and quite honestly I never really figured it out this year.  Seemed like I was either running way too high, or fighting nasty lows.  Both of those suck major donkey butt when trying to compete.  Some other time I will go through all of the things I experimented with in search of the perfect recipe of variables.

I slammed down a can of Coke (leaded), brought a couple spares with me, and headed off to basketball.

As I was heading towards my car, chuckling to myself about being so upset about that “perfect” blood sugar, I knew I just had to blog about it.

The perfect blood sugar…  for a fasting reading or post meal check.  But not perfect at all for pre-exercise.  It’s a great example of how everything in our lives is so relative.

There is so much more that goes into each and every minute of our existence.

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10 thoughts on “It’s All Relative ( A Tale of The Perfect Blood Sugar )

  1. Love your choice of words – Sucks donkey? Leaded coke? Fabulous 😀
    I too understand this. Some days it seems that diabetes treats us a play thing. Lows before exercise annoy me (the banana trick is a good one though). Highs before bed annoy me even more. But nothing annoys me more than lows or highs when I’m going to the doctors!

  2. Bernard,
    I could have a 40 on my meter and take many pictures and not even feel the 40. 😉
    It seems as soon as I feed the low is when the hunger comes raging in.
    Sounds like a fun picture project. 🙂

  3. Scott and Sara, do you sell pictures of the 104 to meter companies to put on the front of their boxes?
    I think we should start a flickr group for pictures of our highest and lowest numbers.

  4. You know I hear you, Scott. Good Lord, if I can just master the challenge of a great work out without having to eat the calories I’m burning and without bottoming straight out, I’d be somewhat happy. OK – maybe it isn’t the key to happiness. But it would give me some glee.

  5. Scott-
    I find that pre workout if I eat a banana without bolusing and drop my basal rates down to 50%, I am fine for a 90 minute intense workout. I don’t know if that would help or not, but bananas have proven to be the best things for me to eat prior to working out. I know the feeling, though and cannot stand having to eat just to workout. Hope your game went well!

  6. Scott,
    OMG that was just going through my head when I decided to see if you had a new post today or not!!??
    My bgs is 115, perfect enough for me, but not perfect enough for me to move. 🙁 and man I need the exercise. I tend to avoid it lately as I would rather keep a good number, but if I want to do a quick workout I would have to eat as turning down my basal just does not work quickly enough for me. 🙁
    Hey wait I could eat and bolus and do no exercise at all.
    I never had a weight issue until this past year and it is getting harder and harder to figure out what to do.