“What’s YOUR Sleep Number?”

A couple weeks ago after basketball at the YMCA, a bunch of the guys were in the locker room talking it up.  We were talking about a lot of stuff, but the conversation found its way to my diabetes.  That happens fairly often, as I am very open and willing to answer questions and talk about it.

What caught me off guard was some older, non-basketball dude in the locker room, turning to me and asking “so – what’s your number?”

I paused, and my internal voice started up…  “WTF dude – do I look like a Select Comfort Mattress to you?”  (you know the commercials, “what’s your sleep number”?)

I paused again, and thankfully my external voice said “well just now it was 119 mg/dl”, I was about to go into how it changes all the time, etc.

But before I could he blurts out “Mine is 186”, then he got up and left!

You know what?  I was perfectly Ok with that.

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Scott K. Johnson

Patient voice, speaker, writer, advocate, and Senior Community Manager at Blue Circle Health. Living life with diabetes and telling my story. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer’s position. Read more…

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