“What’s YOUR sleep number?”

A couple weeks ago after basketball at the YMCA, a bunch of the guys were in the locker room talking it up.  We were talking about a lot of stuff, but the conversation found its way to my diabetes.  That happens fairly often, as I am very open and willing to answer questions and talk about it.

What caught me off guard was some older, non-basketball dude in the locker room, turning to me and asking “so – what’s your number?”

I paused, and my internal voice started up…  “WTF dude – do I look like a Select Comfort Mattress to you?”  (you know the commercials, “what’s your sleep number”?)

I paused again, and thankfully my external voice said “well just now it was 119 mg/dl”, I was about to go into how it changes all the time, etc.

But before I could he blurts out “Mine is 186”, then he got up and left!

You know what?  I was perfectly Ok with that.

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7 thoughts on ““What’s YOUR sleep number?”

  1. This reminds me of when my Dad (a type 2) tries to compare numbers to me. He’ll be all pissed that he’s in the 180s or something – and it’s like yeah dude you just had a huge slice of cake with whip cream – if I had that I’d be in the 300s so shove it. For the first couple months of my diagnosis I had to constantly explain to him the difference between type 1 and type 2.

  2. I think our ‘numbers’ are getting to me. When I saw the price of gas was $3.35, my first thought was about how mad I’d be if that was my number.

  3. Hmmm….A “Locker” moment that was really a B.S. moment, nice. Very after school special. Sometimes not to much needs to be said among those of us in the land of D.
    Glad u went with your second choice, instead of your first, save that for some jerk who thinks that ” your beats must be real bad cause you gotta do test and stuff!”

  4. Wow…it’s kinda cool to meet another diabetic just when you’re ready to go on the defensive (or into another educational lecture). I do hate getting asked what “my number” is by people that don’t have diabetes, though.

  5. Hi Scott
    I really like reading your posts. They are great.
    This post reminded me of a couple of weeks ago. We went out for lunch. I was entering the carbs into my pump and a guy at the next table says “time for insulin huh”. That’s the first time anyone had ever said anything about my pump. We ended up having a very nice conversation. He was also diabetic and said his numbers were normally in the 300 range even though he’d lost 148 pounds. I could believe that with the food I saw him eating. But anyway, it was a nice conversation and your entry todays reminded me of that. He had lots of questions about the pump which I answered for him. He said he was going to talk to his doctor about one.

  6. Oh man, the Bionic Woman in a guys locker room would be a very different post.
    I wonder why he bounced like that? Weird.
    FYI – Sleep Number beds are incredibl!!!!!. I am just saying….