Do you like to win stuff?


Logo for Diabetes Mine Holiday logo“But I’ve NEVER won anything in my life…”

“I’m not a winner…”

“I am the unluckiest person in the world…”

You know what guys and gals?  That is all about to change.

Do you have diabetes?  Can you read and write?

You’re qualified.

Amy has rounded up TONS of prizes.  Multiple winners every week right up until the new year.

What do you have to do?  Read the question of the week and leave a comment with your winning answer.  Easy peasy.

Now go win something!

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7 thoughts on “Do you like to win stuff?

  1. Every time I come to this site and read your blog I feel like I have won something…whether it be a smile, understanding, some good advice or a laugh 🙂 Far be it from me to be greedy….now let me finish this bag of chips and then I’ll post my holiday eating advice! lol

  2. Well Scott, I accepted the ‘challenge’. I looked at the site, read the other entries and even posted my own comment. Shall be interesting to see how things progress. Good idea by the way to get people sharing!