Symlin Stuff (part 1)

Based on the comments I’ve received on using Symlin, there are a lot of questions and interest in it.  I’ll post a bit about it periodically, just hoping to keep the posts somewhat short and digestible.

I’ve done a few posts on Symlin already, and I’ll round them up here so you can take a peek at them if you wish.

Does that have something to do with it?
A New Variable and Mixed Feelings
Symlin So Far

It feels like THE MISSING LINK
Pumping Symlin (part 1)
It seems almost magical
Pumping Symlin (part 2)
Pumping Symlin (part 3)
Pumping Symlin (part 4)

Those links cover most of the posts where Symlin played the starring role.  There have also been a handful of others where it played a contributing part.

Here’s a very quick and basic rundown of my understanding of Symlin.  It slows digestion (therefore slowing down carbs effect on blood sugar), sends a subtle signal to the brain that you are satiated (you feel full with less food), and turns off the release of glucose from the liver (because there is food present).

Before my next post on Symlin, I’d like you to think about how those things might be helpful for you and your blood sugar management, and how those things might be bad for you and your blood sugar management.

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