A “Must See” Fail

Alright, so the Master Plan that G-Money and I had cooking all this time didn’t quite work out as planned.  But it almost went perfectly.  He and I have been working on this for a long time, and for this little hangup to be the only thing that didn’t quite work out, well, I’m just gonna be alright with that.

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14 thoughts on “A “Must See” Fail

  1. I can’t believe we were lucky enough to visit California at the exact same time you were there!!! Still seems unbelievable and makes me smile every time I think of it. We so loved getting to spend some time with you both – and it’s fun to watch the vlogs and see the rest of your adventure. (I knew where you were off to Friday *grin*) And now, we need to do the Adventure II – The East Coast Edition!!

  2. Hi Scott,
    It was great seeing you and my son enjoying each other’s company. I see why he love’s blogging with fellow diabetics . What a wonderful friendship. I am so happy that you to got to get together. I’m sure this will be a long and lasting friendship. Bless you both.
    Love, Mom (Sandy, George’s Mom)

  3. Scott,
    Sounds like you and George had an AWESOME time. So happy that you two were able to hang out together for a couple days. Hope that you two didn’t laugh so hard that one of you needed glucagon. 🙂

  4. “Or if you were, I’d be calling the police” – that was one of the funniest lines of the post.
    I said this on George’s blog, and I will say it again here – the picture of you and George sharing a seat on Space Mountain is my favorite picture!
    So, I’m writing this comment as I watch the vlog, and I just got my reference. LOL! What can I say, I hate secrets but I LOVE you guys!!!