Back to Basketball!

I posted about a week ago how I had not been feeling into my routine basketball.

I made a half-assed attempt at going back last week, but still wasn’t really feeling it.

I made it back to the YMCA today, and I had a really great time. My jump shot was miraculously on point right out of the gate, and the defender I was playing against gave me enough room to use it. It was awesome.

But I paid a heck of a price for the rest of the day. My blood sugar has been running really high! That is the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. Thank you diabetes.

Despite eating a sensible meal for lunch after playing AND taking a little extra insulin (on a hunch), I’ve been high all afternoon and into this evening. Yet I’ve been scared to death of taking aggressive corrections because I’m worried the bottom will drop out!

As beneficial as today’s exercise was, can you see why so many of us struggle to do it regularly? It creates big problems for our blood sugar management.

Maybe today was a fluke, or maybe I need to adjust something in my post-basketball routine.

Maybe I’m a little pissed that THIS is how I’m “rewarded” for exercising.

Maybe I’m not even surprised, because I know diabetes well enough to know that it doesn’t follow my expectations.

What I do know is that I’ll try again, because that is what we do best.


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4 thoughts on “Back to Basketball!

  1. Good for you! (getting back into basketball, not the highs) Kacey does that same thing when she does PE at school but when she plays outside at home she goes low. Can’t understand it…and probably never will…LOL! Most important…you got back into playing and you enjoyed yourself 🙂 YAY!

  2. And this is why I do not exercise. 🙂
    I am kidding of course but this kind of thing makes wanting to make changes even harder. Gotta love this bleeping disease.

  3. I could have written this post tonight – except for the whole basketball part! 🙂
    I have gently been trying to increase my exercise, and doses (basal, bolus, and correction) that worked last week didn’t do a thing yesterday and today. I was within a 4 point range when I tested all day today. Which would have been great if that range wasn’t 165-169.