Not By Choice – George Simmons


World Diabetes Day is always a pretty special day for many of us living with diabetes.  But last year, November 14, 2008, we were treated to something very, very special.

One of my very best friends, and a favorite d-blogger of many, George Simmons, created a little magic for us.

G-Money (as I affectionately call him) is a real gift to us because he shares so much of himself with us.  We see many sides of him, which is a really special thing.  He shares himself so openly and honestly with anyone who cares to tune into his life (by reading one of his great blogs or following him on twitter).  Not everyone can be as open and honest as G-Money, and I treasure my great relationship with him for those reasons (and many more).

George wanted to share a piece of his heart with us last WDD, and I think he created a masterpiece.  It was so good, and so many people loved it, that he took it to the next level and booked some studio time.  It has been a project he’s been working on for a long time, and it is finally ready for everyone!  If you like what you hear in his YouTube debut, you can now grab a copy from iTunes!

Also, head on over to Six Until Me to read a bit more about G-Money and what this song is for him.  Then go download a copy to keep!


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