Newly Dx Week: The Born-Again Diabetic & Taming The Tiger

Like Amylia, I was diagnosed young.  At five years old I didn’t know anything about what was going on, and at 34 years old now, I honestly don’t remember much about things that far back.

I can only imagine the shock of being diagnosed with diabetes.  I can only guess at what types of things would make that diagnosis easier to cope with, either for the one diagnosed or for parents of young kids diagnosed.    Here are my first two guesses.

I know that using “The Born-Again Diabetic” phrase for Newly Diagnosed Week is a little strange, but despite the title, this is my very first recommendation for those recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Cover for "The Born Again Diabetic" book

I posted about Wil’s book when it first came out back in February.  What makes this book so special is Wil’s talent for visualization and for writing that keeps you engaged at every sentence and able to understand everything that he’s trying to tell you.

Wil also speaks from a rare perspective of being in the medical profession AND living with type 1 diabetes. He knows what he’s talking about.  And he knows how it is “in the trenches”.   I love this book.  And the author is a pretty good guy too (but that’s not why I love the book).

Cover for "Taming the Tiger"This book also has a little brother, if you are a bit put-off by the idea of a couple hundred (though very quick and easy) pages (very understandable if you are dealing with the diagnosis).  Wil thought about that too, and worked to put together an even smaller and easier to digest book.  As he says “Just what you need in the here-and-now”, and “it has just the basics in plain English”, and “Just what you need to get started.  And nothing more”.

This book can be read in 30 minutes or less, and has Wil’s same flare for straight to the point information presented in a way that you will understand and remember.  That is a perfect combination for those newly diagnosed.

It is small enough to fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, and is less than 85 pages (not including acknowledgments, etc). In the title pages of the book it says “It’s going to be Ok, you’re going to be Ok”.

Those are just the words you need to hear when you think your world is falling apart.

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7 thoughts on “Newly Dx Week: The Born-Again Diabetic & Taming The Tiger

  1. You are right Traci, it is confusing, and I should have done a better job of describing it.
    The intended audience that Wil had in mind with his first book, The Born Again Diabetic, was folks like your husband, and all the rest of us “veterans”. But, I found the book to be so good that I think it would be of great value for the newly diagnosed too.
    The intended audience for his “Taming the Tiger” book is more focused on folks coming out of that very first appointment with the diagnosis. Ironically, that book is also great for us veterans!
    It’s a win/win situation with either book. Better yet, both of them!

  2. The title is a little confusing. Is it only for recently diagnosed diabetics, or long term T1 juvenile’s like my husband who don’t necessarily always comply (you know how the juvies can be) but have an experience that causes them to once again be aware and proactive in their diabetes management care?

  3. I love both of those books as well and recently reviewed Taming the Tiger. I love that they are written so simply. There are many books that cover everything, but I imagine it’s nice for someone to start out with the most basic stuff first. There’s plenty of time to master the intricate details later. Plus, you have to love Wil’s sense of humor.

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