Happy D-Blog Day!

Today is a special day for me. Today is D-Blog day (the 5th annual! (special thanks to Gina Capone)!

Today is a day where I am especially thankful for all of you in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).  The DOC has grown so fast that I can’t even try to keep up anymore.  There are SO MANY great bloggers, tweeters, writers, supporters, and well-wishers.  It makes me so proud to see so many people doing great things out there.

Even with so many people sharing their stories now, we are a tiny percentage of all the folks living each day with diabetes.  You can be sure that all of you sharing your stories are reaching a bunch of folks who need the support and encouragement that we all offer.  Even just being able to identify with someone else in the world dealing with the same things every day can make a huge difference.  By sharing your story you might be giving the next great writer the nudge to give it a try!

Thank you, all of you, for having the courage to share your story.  I’m proud to call you all my friends and family.  We are making change.  We are making history.

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Scott K. Johnson

Patient voice, speaker, writer, advocate, and Senior Community Manager at Blue Circle Health. Living life with diabetes and telling my story. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent my employer’s position. Read more…

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