One Day, One Dollar AND The DiabetesMine Holiday Survival Story Contest

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some news on some really neat and worthwhile things happening around the blogosphere.

One Dollar, One Day
First, the folks at “Fight It!” are kicking off their “Fight It! Friday” fund-raising efforts today.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is typically the busiest shopping day of the year here in the US. It is nicknamed “Black Friday” because it is the day that many retail stores actually make some profits.

Well it is being hijacked and renamed to “Fight It! Friday”!  Christopher Thomas and his group of hardworking volunteers are hoping to make a real difference for some families this year.  Not only with some diabetes supplies, but also a kick of some hard-working cash.  Just one dollar from you can help make someone’s holiday possible.

DiabetesMine Holiday Survival Story Contest
Amy Tenderich over at DiabetesMine.comhas kicked off her annual holiday contest today!

Amy’s post, ‘Tis the Season DiabetesMine Holiday Survival Story Contest: Starts Now!, has all the details. There are some really great prizes this year from, HAH Originals, StickMeDesigns, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and HealthiFeet.

What is the contest about?  There are two categories.  The “Best Of” which asks you to share your triumphs and successes from your holiday seasons, and the “Worst Of” for which you can share something that went totally wrong (but that you can hopefully smile at afterward).

Allison Blass & I have both been invited back to be judges again – thanks Amy!

Like last year, we’ll be pulling together the best stories, as well as some “honorary mentions”, for an eBook.  Take a look at the eBook Gina Capone put together for us last year: Nuggets of Wisdom

As Amy says “Now let’s hear from you: What were your Best and Worst experiences dealing with food, travel, family gatherings, and all the trimmings of the holidays whilst attempting to keep your diabetes under control?”

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