One Great Idea, One Catchy Name

I got an e-mail yesterday from Monica.  Monica is 15 years old and has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 13 months old.  Monica has a great idea, and she needs our help.

Screenshot of Zip The Cure
With Zip The Cure, Monica is trying to raise $100 from each zip code in the country.   With $100 from each zip code in the country she will raise $4.2 MILLION!!  All proceeds will go directly to JDRF.

I just love this idea.  It makes raising a massive amount of money sound so achievable doesn’t it?  Fantastic!  And to have a catchy name along with it?  That’s good like sugar free Jello when your blood sugar is high.

Monica needs help in a bunch of different ways.  1) Spread the word 2) Be a local volunteer and/or 3) Be a state captain 4) Donate!

You can get more information by visiting, or e-mailing Monica ().

Zip to it!  (corny, I know – but I just had to do it…)

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