Missing My CGM

When The meter read 298 mg/dl, my first thought was that I was probably 300 mg/dl all night. If I would have known about it I would have done something about it. Then I thought about what I did before bed last night, and what i messed up on, and how much harder my day would be. Waking up with a high blood sugar makes the “diabetes day” so much harder to influence.

My CGM broke about three weeks ago, and I’ve really missed it. Not only for times like last night, but also having a constant stream of useful information available at the touch of a button. I took for granted just how useful that information is. Now that I don’t have it, feel like I’m in the dark, and just guessing when it comes to decisions about food, insulin, and exercise.

Freestyle NavigatorThe CGM I had was the FreeStyle Navigator, and the company is having problems replacing stuff. They say they are not going out of business, that they will be replacing stuff, but don’t know when it will be available. And they offered $2000 for the return of the system.

I loved my Navigator. I didn’t want to send it back. But my choices were to either go an extended period of time without sensing, or cash in and buy one of the other CGM systems . What choice do I really have there?

My Dex will be here later this week.

I have been so surprised at just how vulnerable I have felt without a sensor on. I never thought it made much of a difference. Doing it “old school” (how ridiculous does that sound?) has been much harder, and my numbers are proof.
I’m testing a bunch, of course, but I’m missing a TON of information. I have to put a lot more energy into almost every decision I make, and I’m having problems putting individual blood sugar numbers into the context of my day and activities.

You wont meet anyone  wearing a CGM system that will tell you it is a magic bullet, and I agree with them 100%. But I sure do miss having that tool in my toolbox.

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I look forward to the day that we get one for Tristan. But right now he’s just not ready 🙁 He still fights over site changes 🙁


We’re with George. Heavily looking into Team Animas, but waiting until they have the CGM and pump integrated. Next year is what we’re hearing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the CGM. I know it’s been mixed feedback a lot on the CGM’s.

Scott K. Johnson

Not 100% sure yet, as I haven’t received the paperwork (expecting it this week). There was no mention of any strings attached to that money, but I’m sure I have to sign something waiving some rights to something or other.
There’s got to be a catch somewhere.


I feel the same way – I finished my first supply of sensors about a month ago, and i feel almost lost without it. I’m curious though, if I call the company, are they offering the 2K or is it specifically as reimbursement for getting a different CGM?


Hope you like the Dexcom as much as I do. I can’t imagine going weeks without it (which may not be a good thing), I would probably try to test every 10 minutes. And I really don’t want to do that.