A Smarty Smarty


Today (September 1, 2010) is the first “Diabetes Art Day”, a really fun project that Lee Ann (with a little help from Cherise) announced recently.

My niece, a creative genius, was over this weekend, and I recruited her to help me.  I love how she thinks – everything is art and creation.  I am often amazed at the beautiful pieces she creates, and this time was no exception.

I also get a kick out of irony.  And with that, I present “The Smarty Smarty!” Imagine the low I could treat with this bad boy! It’s the size of a PIZZA!


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20 thoughts on “A Smarty Smarty

  1. Love this! I am still working on my case of Smarties I ordered a couple of years ago. They are getting a little hard to chew, but still effective…. 🙂

  2. So cool!!! I think you could treat the lows of the whole D-OC with that Smartie!! I used Smarties in my art project too – although apparently Smarties and Play-Doh do not mix in 98 degree weather. An hour after I photographed my creation, the Smarties turned into a watery mess and I had to wipe them away. 🙁

  3. Who knew Smarties could become something so beautiful?? I love the texture and how it creates a kind of landscape with the highs and lows – so much meaning there! I bet you and she had fun, and I hope you’ll pass along all the kudos to her for her artistic collaboration with you 🙂
    Big hugs and heartfelt thanks for adding the only Smarties sculpture to Diabetes Art Day, and also for your efforts encouraging others to participate. I’ve just been in awe of the level of participation because it exceeded my expectations. What a memorable day it’s been in the DOC!

  4. Obviously you need to bring one of these suckers along for a d-meetup – think about it, NO ONE else would need to carry juice! I should hang one on the bedroom wall to gnaw at in case of lows ; )

  5. That is awesome! and a GRIP OF SMARTIES!
    How sad is it that I used to call them my pills and pretend I had to take them. Now ironically, I do have to take them to treat a low! LOL

  6. Yes! I LOVE it! May have to print that out and hang above my desk at work, with a sign that says “In Case of Low… Find Smarties!” Of course, I may now need to go find some yummy little candies myself… Great stuff, Scott!