Ninjabetic Weekend – Saturday – The Walk

After a crazy California evening, and a few hours of sleep, the Simmons family and I were on the road headed to the Team Ninjabetic 2010 JDRF Walk for a Cure!

Team Ninjabetic was the largest family team, and even beat the corporate sponsor (Coca-Cola/Coke Zero) by over 20 walkers.  We represented big time.  We all had awesome Ninjabetic t-shirts, generously donated by Pelagic.  It was really something special to see so many Ninjabetic t-shirts overtaking the area.

The weather was hot, and the terrain was rough.  Almost desert-like in some areas.  There were at least two signs advertising a water station, but no water or volunteers to be found.  It didn’t take long for me to get supremely sunburned.  I swear the sun shines brighter in California.

I love this picture of the team.  George is in the middle, completely surrounded by everyone that came to support him (and by extension, all of us living with type 1 diabetes).

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6 thoughts on “Ninjabetic Weekend – Saturday – The Walk

  1. haha. I had such a blast walking with you 🙂 I love the picture of Georgie and I’s random waltz- break… and the sun DOES shine hotter in CA.. especially if you (or your family… in my case) is from MN and TOTALLY WHITE!!!!! 🙂

  2. I still can’t get over the turn out for Team Ninjabetic!! That just brings me goose bumps. I so wish I was there but thank you all for representing the diabetes community in such an awesome way 🙂

  3. That is totally awsome to beat out the corporate sponsers at a walk! And how cool that you all had matching team shirts! How dare they not have water/ dex stops, and with that heat. Hope that the team made out okay.
    And with all the pics from the weekend I hope that someone has made some sort of scrapbook or photo story book of the event.
    I’m not familiar with the JDRF walk, is it a fundraiser? If so, hope the ninjabetics kicked some on that end too.