BlogWorld Expo 2010

A bunch of luck, good fortune, and a few days in Vegas?  Yep!  That describes the tail end of last week for me.  WEGO Health recommended me for a scholarship to attend Blogworld Expo 2010!  The folks at BlogWorld covered travel, one night of lodging, and admission to the Social Health Track at this years conference.  It was an incredible trip, packed with incredible people, and filled with incredible information.

This was another opportunity to visit with some familiar faces (Kerri, Manny, Amy, Jenni).  I bend over backwards to spend time with these people because they are full of positive energy and passion.  It is infectious, and we are very lucky to have them in our diabetes online family (and family ::waves at Jenni::).


Kerri, Scott, Jenni, Manny, Amy

I have a lot to share from the conference, and I’m not going to try rushing through it all in one post, or two, or three.  I’ll take as many posts as I need in order to feel it has been done justice, promising to try my best to keep them all easily digestible (please yell at me if they get hard to chew, Ok?).

Gambling?  It took me all of three minutes to blow $5 in penny slots, of all things.  My money is short and goes fast enough already, I’ll skip the gambling, thank you.

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11 thoughts on “BlogWorld Expo 2010

  1. Wow….I may have to start calling you National Geographic! Well at least you’re not just “traveling” in the lane anymore.
    BTW, I know you are sick of flying, but I’m fairly certain that Delta does NOT allow you to use your miles for grilled cheese, cheesy-tots, or ketchup.

  2. Yay, looking forward to all of you future posts about BlogWorld. And shoot – I should have tried to send you some of my penny slot luck. I once won about $200 on them. Oh, and then there was that other time, when I won $750. Yup, $750 on penny slots and I definitely don’t bet the max. Next time you’re going to Vegas, I’ll send you some slot mojo!

  3. ok i have to ask.whats a “duck bun”?
    i kind of want to know what mark does.but maybe not in that order!
    lol you are a diabetic superman!! you are everywhere.
    thanks scott for all you do and your efforts are appreciated.

  4. Schmancy – Not in demand at all, totally lucked into this one! 🙂
    MarkM – Details coming soon, in all of their graphic detail!
    Dana – That little “sixuntilme” follows Kerri around EVERYWHERE! Just kidding – it’s there because I “borrowed” that image from her site (with her permission of course).
    Amy – It was great to see you too! Sorry I wasn’t quite brave enough to try the “Duck Buns” at dinner. 🙂

  5. SO great to see you, Scott! So glad you made it. Smart man holding onto your money, too. One glass of wine cost me $15 in Sin City there – yikes!

  6. What I think is cool is the back drop for the picture… how did you manage to get ‘” in the background? was that planned or just a total fluke? Either way the conference sounds like a blast!

  7. Scott, I demand so much more of you! I want gritty details of the future of blogging, new technologies, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. These are a few of my favorite things! 😀
    Well…okay…something like that. 😉