Angry About Exercise

I think one of the secrets to decent diabetes management is management … of priorities.

November of 2010 I had the best lab report I’ve had since I was in my early 20’s.  Best A1C, bestBasketball is FUN for Scott! cholesterol, best everything.  I hadn’t made any purposeful changes to my diabetes routine, I wasn’t testing more, I wasn’t counting carbs better, I wasn’t watching what I ate any closer than usual.  But I had been exercising like crazy.

I was been spending three to four hours per day at the YMCA playing basketball and lifting weights, and I felt great.  I am lucky to have found an exercise that I really enjoy (basketball).  While playing basketball I am having fun, and that’s why I do it.  It just happens to be great exercise too.  How lucky am I?

I had no job(s) though, and that doesn’t last for long. The bank account has been empty (or negative) for a long time,  and I needed to find some income.  I’ve been super stubborn about trying to find something I can put my heart into, something that helps people with diabetes and supports my family at the same time.  But I haven’t been able to find anything.  I’ve had to put my dreams on hold for a while (if you have a job/contract/project I can help with, let me know!).

Since then I’ve picked up about four part-time jobs, only a couple of which I like, and none of which pay enough of the bills to let me drop any of the others.  It’s terribly distracting and I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions, leaving me at less than my best for any of them.

Worse though, is that I haven’t played basketball or lifted weights for two weeks.  And I can feel it.  My body hurts, I’m crabby and irritable, I’m not sleeping well, my blood sugars are volatile and sharp.  I’m just not happy.

I let some bullshit part-time jobs creep in and take priority over my exercise.

There is a lot of tension and anger because I feel trapped in many ways.  I have to support my family (earn income), and I have to take care of myself (exercise), but I feel like it’s nearly impossible to balance those two things.  I can work all the time to make ends meet, and fall apart physically (and mentally), or I can exercise a lot and not have enough money to pay the rent.

I am re-prioritizing my life around exercise again, with faith that the money side of my life will fall into place somehow.  I am going to try my best to keep my guard up against all that tries to creep in and pull my focus away from what is important.  I am important.  My health is important.  My diabetes management is important.  And for all of that, exercise is important.

We can always sleep in the minivan…

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