Walk with Walgreens? Walk with WALGREENS! Wow!

I support the Diabetes Research Institute (and disclosure), and they recently made a pretty huge announcement that I wanted to share with everyone.

It started with the Walgreens stores in South Florida.  About 260 of them.  But it has expanded across all of Florida – all 852 Walgreens stores in Florida are participating and promoting the “Walk with Walgreens Walkathon and Family Day” to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute.


It’s hard to wrap my brain around how huge, and great, this is.   I mean, 852 stores is a LOT of stores!

It’s all happening on Sunday, April 10, 2011, from 8:00am – 12:00pm.  There are a bunch of locations around all of Florida.  There will be face-painting, music, free giveaways, refreshments, entertainment, health booths and info, and one $500 scholarship will be awarded at each site (details on eligibility for scholarships (bottom of the page))!

Take a look at the walk page on the Diabetes Research Institute’s website for more information and to print off a registration brochure (you can also call the DRI Foundation office at 800-321-3437 to request a brochure).

Display stand with plush toys to help support the DRIIn addition to the walk, Walgreens is also helping out in a few other ways (starting mid-March and throughout April).  Cashiers will be asking customers if they’d like to purchase a certificate to help support the DRI, and those that do can write their name on it and have it placed on the wall at the store.  There will also be DRI Coin Canisters on the register counters, and a special plush toy display in the South Florida areas.

Disclosure: I work part-time for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation supporting their Diabetes Diplomat program.

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8 thoughts on “Walk with Walgreens? Walk with WALGREENS! Wow!

  1. walgreens just launched a national walk with walgreens program online to support people on their journey toward living a healthier life. check it out! great content, ability to track steps and create walks, and get rewarded with coupons. when you join you get a first steps kit with coupons for omron pedometers, dr scholl’s and famous footwear! go to walk.walgreens.com!

  2. Scott – love your enthusiasm! And while we’re at full disclosure, I’ve helped implement the program and can’t wait for it to launch nationwide! I hope people in Florida come out and support your great cause – and keep walking!